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Schiesser basic tank
$38 – youheshe.com

IRO leather jacket
$1,155 – net-a-porter.com

Dickies jeans

Alice Olivia genuine leather handbag
$415 – saksfifthavenue.com



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Fall Shopping Spree

I can never figure out what I wore last year when it got cold. I dig through the bins of clothes and it seems like everything is just a bit ragged or too small or doesn’t match the few remaining pieces that still fit and don’t look like they spent the year in a moth colony (ok… I am a bit rough on clothes… let’s not blame moths). In order to get ready for the best time of the year, I splurged on some basics to jazz up the old wardrobe and mix in with the stuff that survived me all last winter.

This year, as always, I plan to spend all fall and most of winter in boots- I have three pairs (two black, one brown) of these motorcycle boots from Target. Yes, really. In genuine leather, they hold up like a dream and after two years, I’m just now having to re-sole them. Buy one half-size up for thick socks and enjoy. Also, if you have… ahem…. healthy-sized calves, these actually FIT. Buy all of them. I’ll probably buy two more pairs to hide away this year if the budget allows, just because I’m afraid that they’ll discontinue them one day and I will have to cry for the rest of my days. (Follow up- the boots are 16″ circumference at the top of the shaft, but stop just below the calf, shaft height-wise, for those of you who need numbers for fit. Since they don’t go over the calf, they fit great!).

My sister and I showed up on vacation and proved we are related by bringing along the same new  dress from Old Navy.

It wouldn’t feel like fall without lots of football on the agenda. I’m pretty stocked up on Steelers gear to celebrate the home team, but I picked up a pair of golden-yellow skinny jeans to wear with my jerseys and sweatshirts all season long.

And because the season officially begins when we all don some plaid for a certain Fall Party, I picked up a plaid skirt that will work with tights and boots all winter long. I may or may not have picked some back-up plaid choices… one can never be too prepared when it comes to plaid.  

Fall Purchases


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Two Tote Bag Day

Two Tote Bag DayFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Two Tote Bag Day by eleanorstrousers featuring Nine West shoes

Some days, despite my better judgment, I end up with two tote bags. Today, it's because I have to pick up my CSA groceries after work and lug them home. This calls for commuter flip flops and office heels, plus something comfy to beat the 85 degree heat. And because I'm a super pale redhead, means that I need a little faux tan on the legs and a decent pedicure.

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Fun for Former Yearbook Staffers

Sail Away With Me - Tuesday's outfitFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Sail Away With Me - Tuesday's outfit by eleanorstrousers featuring Nine West shoes

How addicted to playing with Polyvore am I? Let's just say that I may be skipping lunch to work up my next layout. I'm all nautical today because I'd rather be on a boat in the sunshine than in the office. And let's face it- because this stuff was all clean enough to put on my body this morning.


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