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Bring It On, 2013

I’m in full swing- making lists of resolutions, goals, projects- for a brand new year. I love to have a fresh start whenever I can get it. The Lady and I covered our bases with a full round of traditions- we put away the Christmas decorations on New Year’s Eve, put coins on the windowsill, ate 12 grapes at midnight, opened the door to let out the old year and bring in the new one, cooked collards and black eyed peas with pork and sauerkraut, left a candle burning overnight to light the year in, and held a “team meeting” to get on the same page about goals, chores, and money for the year.

Our luck bases are covered. A new calendar waits on the wall for us to fill with adventures. And sitting in the fridge- one leftover bottle of champagne. We plan to pop it open on February 1 to celebrate starting strong in January. I feel ready.



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