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This is a little something that I threw together for the 4th. Ted Hawkins haunts me. My favorite patriotic song, accompanied by photos that I took. Bless us, every one.

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My Truly Freaky Side

I knew the time was coming when I’d have to make this confession. The 30 days of truth weren’t going to let me off the hook and I couldn’t skip the topic- truth being the key piece of this series. Today’s topic- “a band or artist” that got you through some tough times. I’ve mentioned this briefly before, but here’s the truth.

I’m not much of a music person.

I know, I know. Everyone loves music. Everyone has a favorite genre or band. One of the first questions people ask when they meet new people is inevitably, “What kind of music do you like?” There are entire high school cliques based on music – punks, metal heads, goth, hip hop, etc. Online dating sites match people by their favorite artists. And then there’s me.

I listen to music. Occasionally. I have 500 or so songs on my phone and some ear buds. I put Pandora on the laptop while I do the dishes. But, truth be told, I don’t live or die for music. Without a car, I don’t ever listen to the radio and I only keep up with new songs by hearing them on the jukebox at happy hour or while I’m out dancing with BC. If you ask me who sings any song, I will not know. I don’t buy CDs or pay for downloads on iTunes. I don’t have cable anymore, so I don’t watch MTV or VH1- not that either of them have shown actual videos for a decade or so.

I don’t hate music. I enjoy it when it’s on. But I don’t seek it out either. If you put it on, I will gladly listen to whatever your heart desires. But, I don’t even own a radio, much less a fancy sound system. I can’t sing well or play any instruments. And if you are into really cool underground hipster tunes, I assure you, I’m not going to have the slightest clue what you’re talking about. I don’t own a single Beatles CD. I haven’t purchased a CD since the 90’s. I don’t go to concerts unless I have free tickets or bought them as a gift for a friend.

Not being obsessed with music like the rest of the human race has its downside. Those first date conversations where the other person goes on and on about their favorite band … I just nod. I read enough celebrity gossip to stay up on who’s doing who, but there are probably artists singing songs that aren’t embroiled in scandal that I have missed entirely. I missed the first wave of iPod mania because I just didn’t see why I would need to carry music with me on the bus.

So, I can’t honestly thank a band or artist for getting me through tough times. If you see me in headphones, I’m probably listening to an odd accumulation of 90’s indie stuff from high school, gay bar dance music, 80’s hair metal, the blues, and pop country songs that remind me of my sisters. I have not heard the new single by anyone. I can’t name that drummer.  And yes, I will go completely blank if you ask me what kind of music I like.


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Completely Off-Topic

OK. Is anyone else waiting to see if the Amy Winehouse performance on the Grammys is amazing, disturbing, or some sort of trainwreck? I’m not a big Grammy-watcher, but I can’t resist this year….


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