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Almost Inappropriate

I was just thinking I needed to get a massage, when this piece on um… the female happy ending massage appeared. And raised some serious questions about the feminist implications, the ethical dilemmas, and more to the point- how much does one tip for that kind of service?



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Update on Disturbing Web Connections

For those of you who read about my brief interaction with “feminist” (hypocrite) male blogger Kyle Payne and his subsequent charges for photographing a female student in his care as an RA passed out and topless, here’s an update (thanks Rusty):

Mr. Payne’s plea was GUILTY.

Sentencing to follow in August.


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Tuesday is for “Teeth”

So, has anyone read about “Teeth“? The Sundance film about a girl who has teeth in her you-know-what? (And yes, I know you know what- blogging on breaks at work can get a little iffy). BC and I are SOOO going to see it this week. Because I could use a little gore and humor and because an entire film based on cultural myths of the dangers of women down there is a must see for my women’s studies-loving booty.

I’ll let you know how it goes….


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Belated and Back-Dated

I missed it. I missed Pittsburgh’s “Blog for Equality Day”. And I had no intention of doing so. The state legislature in PA is considering an amendment to ban gay marriage in the state and make bigotry and hatred a permanent part of of the state Constitution.

This blog fully supports the rights of all humans to love equally and to receive the civil rights afforded any other citizen if they choose to marry.  


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Disturbing Web Connections

A few days ago I stumbled through tag surfer into this blog, ostensibly written by a male feminist named Kyle Payne. I thought his branch of radical feminism was a little extreme for my taste, but nonetheless, I left a comment and got one back. Today, I received the following comment (news story) from a reader (ryan) and thought I’d post it here, rather than in my comments:

Here is your feminist Kyle Payne:

Storm Lake Privacy Invasion

Thursday, 14 February, 2008 12:00 AM

(Storm Lake, IA)–An arrest is made by Storm Lake Police in relation to a ten month long investigation into an assault and invasion of privacy of a Buena Vista University Student.

A search warrant was executed at Pierce Hall room #B10 on April 26th of last year. Authorities seized a computer and a digital camera from 22-year-old Kyle Payne’s room. A search of the Ida Grove man’s car turned up photographs described as personal in nature that also showed the woman may have been assaulted physically without knowing it.

A search of Payne’s Ida Grove home turned up more evidence including another computer. All items were sent to the DCI Crime Lab for forensic analysis.

Through investigation it was found that Payne, on January 3rd of 2007, was serving as RA for Buena Vista University when he attended to an intoxicated 18-year-old female student in her dorm room. He allegedly physically assaulted her while she was unconscious and video taped the act and downloaded the images onto his laptop.

Payne was arrested at his Ida Grove home Wednesday and charged with 2nd degree burglary, a class C felony, invasion of privacy, and assault. He was taken to Buena Vista County Jail and booked on an $11,300 cash bond.

Those assisting with the investigation include the Buena Vista University Security Department, Buena Vista County Attorney’s Office, and Mercy Child Advocacy Center.

Now, I am a firm believer in “innocent until proven guilty.” But this one has me speechless. And disgusted. If he’s guilty, the hypocrisy of calling himself a feminist is unbelievable. My heart goes out to this student.

Yet another reason not to believe everyone’s internet persona. I’m just…… speechless.

UPDATE: I have been removed from Mr. Payne’s blogroll since yesterday evening.

UPDATE 2: More on this case available at “The Undercurrent,” BVU’s student paper.


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A Strong Woman Saturday

Not the Pittsburgh sign 

It’s that time again- Pittsburgh’s City Theatre has brought back The Vagina Monologues for the pre-Valentine’s Day season and your faithful correspondent was offered free passes for the press viewing. With a ticket to spare, I brought along the mother-in-law who, in my opinion, can use all the empowering she can get. The woman is a martyr- going without new clothes for years so she can spend the money to send her kids on school trips, a single mom who got out of two abusive relationships and can’t sit still if someone needs something she can do for them. She’s a great broad, and one of my favorite people, but she really doesn’t do much for herself (or see how great she is).

The City Theatre’s production was simply, but elegantly designed with red fabric draped around, adorable cocktail table seating, and Ikea-style paper lanterns overhead. The three actresses did a decent job of playing the wide variety of characters in Eve Ensler’s work- from a Bosnian rape victim to a 70-something virgin. My only complaint would be a personal pet peeve- the show is merely an hour and fifteen minutes (no intermission) and yet the actresses came onstage with cards to read from. I’ve always been a person that believes if you are a trained actor, there’s no excuse for reading onstage. Memorize it, for Pete’s sake. I suppose this could have been an artistic choice to make clear to the audience that these were compiled from interviews- the notecards as interview notes. Still it made me a little cringy. (EDIT: I’m informed by a reader below that the script requires reading- my sincere apologies. Still- given the choice, I would prefer an un-read play.)

The show did serve the purpose I hoped for- the mother-in-law loved it. And I think she walked out with her head a little bit higher, and some decent laughs under her belt. Mission accomplished.

For anyone interested in seeing the show, it runs now through February 17, 2008. Also, readers who mention “blog” when they call for tickets at (412) 431-2489 will get $5.00 off the ticket price. 

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Ho, ho…oh no…

This weekend, Pittsburgh was supposed to be hit with a giant storm that would lock us all down for the weekend, sending us scurrying for milk and bread at the store. Instead, we are still seeing some mildly laughable snow and rain. Nonetheless, I have been a good little elf and been very productive getting ready for Santa around these parts. The future mother-in-law and I spent Saturday where I had sworn not to tread this year- the mall. She tricked me, you see. She wanted to go to Barnes & Noble. There is one nearby, not in a mall, so I agreed- especially since she offered to drive me to get my state i.d. on the way.

To backtrack, I am a bad, bad, procrastinating woman. I have now lived in Pennsylvania for 18 months. I still bop around town on my Washington, DC photo i.d. I think sheer laziness has been all that has kept me from updating- it’s three long bus rides to the driver’s license place that’s open on the weekend and I just would rather, I don’t know, sleep maybe, than do that on a Saturday morning. My Washington, DC i.d. got the best of me though. It expires on December 23rd. I fly out for Atlanta on the 24th at 6:45 am.  And while I can’t be sure that the airline staff would catch my expired i.d., I also know that I have the kind of luck which would have me get to my parents’ house and be unable to return to Pittsburgh on the 27th due to security measures. So, I figured I’d dredge up my birth certificate and run down, handle the situation, and be done. A week before my flight.

Except that I couldn’t find the birth certificate anywhere in the piles of “important” paper I’ve collected through the years. But I did have the DC i.d., a long expired GA driver’s license, a renewal reminder from PA sent to my old address, some utility bills and the lease for my new address, a letter of congratulations I received at my new address from the Mayor’s office (hey, a girl’s gotta use her connections), my employee photo i.d., and a Social Security card. So, I lugged the giant folder of this stuff in and found myself at a cubicle with a very grumpy man who had definitely not found the Christmas spirit.

So, I set aside my feminist principles and put on my feminine wiles. I flirted. I smiled. I joked. I pouted. I begged. And I got my i.d. made in under 15 minutes flat on a Saturday afternoon- for free. All fees waved. I said a little thank you to the Blessed Virgin and the Flying Spaghetti Monster and away we went.

To the mall of all places. But that’s a story for another time.

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