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What’s Up, Doc?

Halloween may have ended where you are, but we still have trick-or-treaters to expect tomorrow. I stayed home with a cold today, sipping hot tea and hot chocolate and hot soup and losing the willpower battle to dip into the peanut butter cups. I’m not sick often. In fact, I’m smug about how healthy I am most of the time. It’s one of my more irritating qualities. When the Lady moved in, all the medicine in the house had expiration dates sometime in 2010. So, of course, when I do get sick, I insist on putting on a full homebound routine, with flannel and a stack of tissues nearby.

I’m sure there is a study somewhere showing that our mothers were wrong and you don’t get colds from being outside in cold weather or rain. I’m no medical professional. But I did head out to celebrate Halloween last weekend without a coat. Some friends of mine throw an annual bash with around 350 guests in costume and an open bar. It’s notorious. There’s a secret recipe punch, a dj, and enough “slutty ______” costumes to make a girl blind.

In my twenties, I tried for “sexy,” I suppose. But I’m a settled-down ladyperson of a certain age now, and there is no way I’m going to wear a costume that makes me cold or painful heels that I can’t dance in. Instead, on a last-minute shopping spree, I found a bargain on giant sweatshirts. It started with The Lady’s idea. She wanted to dress up as a well-known book character.

Easy peasy- one giant white sweatshirt, some rabbit ears and a bunny tail, and some vampire fangs. So, what does Bunnicula’s date wear?

Yep. That’s me. A Bunnicula victim/ carrot.


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Happy Halloween

I filled up the bowl as soon as I got home yesterday and dashed out to sit on the stoop. Our neighborhood is insane on Halloween- last year we had over 150 trick-or-treaters. This year the turn out was a little bit lighter, but I still emptied the giant bowl and refilled it once. Lots of bumblebees, pirates, a Hannah Montana, one vampire in a Barack Obama t-shirt, and a ton of little punkins among the crowds. Princesses for days. Lots of moms and dads in charge of carrying pillowcases full of candy too heavy to drag home. One tiny policeman in little bitty glasses like the kid from Jerry Maguire who promised sincerely not too arrest me. My neighbor and I laughed at the kids without costumes and the greedy ones. By the time it had gotten cold enough to grab a jacket, the crowds had disappeared to feast on their sugary goodies and I came inside to watch a scary movie.

Tonight I’m off to my friends’ infamous annual Halloween party- 500 guests invited to the rented clubhouse. I can’t remember the last time, if there ever was one, that I went to a private party that big. Apparently things are known to get a little wild as the night wears on, so I’m sure I’ll have good stories to relay when I recover my inevitable hangover.

What am I going to be?

Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer

 (This post also found in the 11/5/08 issue of Pittsburgh’s City Paper!)


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