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Presidents Day- The Twitter Adventure Continues

FDR Monaco Stamo

It started in 2012 with a paid day off work and nothing else to do. For the third year, I’m back in the saddle with everyone’s favorite fellas- America’s presidents and the more interesting aspects of their lives and presidencies.

(ADDED) I also spoke with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about my favorite holiday this year. You can see their post here.

If you can’t get enough today on Twitter, here’s a recap of 2013’s fun facts and tawdry tidbits about the Commanders in Chief:


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This is a little something that I threw together for the 4th. Ted Hawkins haunts me. My favorite patriotic song, accompanied by photos that I took. Bless us, every one.

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After The Storm

Taxis sit in a flooded lot after Hurricane Sandy October 30, 2012 in Hoboken, New Jersey. (Michael Bocchieri/Getty Images/AFP)

I’ve spent the past week preparing for Hurricane Sandy. Pittsburgh pre-declared a state of emergency and warned us all to prepare for three days without power or water. We stocked up on batteries and water. I called my family in Atlanta to let them know we were staying home and would be in touch when we could. Then, the storm turned further north. We had rain and hail, some floods in low-lying areas, but the city was basically unscathed. We were lucky. In the days since, it’s been more important to track down friends in New York and New Jersey, to stay tuned in to Twitter and Facebook, to make sure everyone was ok. A friend, a single mother in Hoboken, has lost her car and expects to be without power for another ten days.

After four days working from home, tomorrow my life goes back to normal. It will be a while before “normal” for so many others. If you have extra to give, I encourage you to donate to the Red Cross.

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My Birchbox Addiction

I’ve always been a beauty products hoarder. I have a three-tiered shelf and four drawers in the bathroom overflowing with samples and items that I just never got around to using (or opened and hated). A quick run to the drugstore usually ends with me dragging home another nail polish or lip gloss. And all that buying adds up, money-wise.

So when my dear friend Baronetess started bragging about Birchbox on Facebook, I had to check it out. For $10 a month, you receive five or six samples in the mail- nail polish, lip gloss, perfume, hair and skin products- it’s always a surprise. In fact, on Twitter it’s a trend not to post “spoilers” about the monthly Birchbox as it arrives- the grab bag aspect of it all is half the fun. (Note: I’m not getting a dollar from them for raving about them- I’m just hooked).

This month, they offered a tie-in box sponsored by Teen Vogue. They offered me my usual adult box instead, but I’m so glad that I went with the teen box. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have these nails, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

I used the essie luxeffects polish from my Birchbox over a Sally Hansen “Going Green” picked up on one of my drugstore binges. Since every magazine insists that we all have an “accent nail,” (and because I didn’t have any adult business meetings this week), I painted the ring finger a light blue to match my pedicure. It’s a fun look- even if I’m not used to so much sparkle when I head to the office.

My box this month also came with a sample of kate spade new york Twirl, which I spritzed on this morning. After settling in, it’s definitely more floral than fruity, but very light and smells adult enough for office wear. On lazy mornings, I usually stick to some coconut body spray, so wearing actual fragrance is an upgrade for a Monday morning.

My hair is curly and dyed and longer and super-thick, so the Kerastase Elixir Ultime sample should be gone in two days. I love a good hair oil to add a little shine to the curls.

My other favorite product this month was a full-sized tarte LipSurgence lip tint in Barbie pink (Lucky). I never imagined that I would like a bright pink lip, but Birchbox eased me in a few months ago with a hot pink lip gloss and this matte lip pencil is the logical next step. It is matte, very matte, not a drop of shine to it. It almost looks like chalk, that’s how matte this stuff is. But, instead of drying out my lips and flaking, it makes them smooth and soft and looks like I’m auditioning for that episode of Mad Men when they all try on different colors of lipstick and Peggy gets a promotion.

Most months the box also includes a sample snack or beauty accessory item. This month, a cute spring-y peach hair-tie from twistband, so I can keep my hair out of my face when the humidity inevitably goes insane.

If you want to sign up, head over here. I believe I get points for referring new subscribers, but I’m just so hooked that I want you to experience the joy.

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Pittsburgh Urbanity

So, thanks to Lora, I have a new addiction. After last post’s photos, she suggested I start an urbanity blog. Hers, the original Oh, the Urbanity, is chock full of pics of Philly and I just so happen to have reams of photos of little things that amused me in Pittsburgh. I had to accept the challenge.

If you’d like to see what I’ve posted so far, you can check it out over at Pittsburgh Urbanity. It’s my little photographic love poem to my adopted hometown. And there’s plenty to love about this place.

Thanks for the idea, Lora! I’m proud to be a franchisee.

In other expansions, Eleanor’s Trousers is now a .com of its very own. We’re big-time! Your regular old links (if you have them) should redirect you.

And I’m finally upgrading from a Blackberry to an iPhone this weekend. I’m tiptoeing into the modern era. On that note, if you have an iPhone and think I need some fantastic app or doohickey to go with it, now is the time to tell me. If you hate iPhones or Apple or wish I would have picked something else, it’s too late now. The money’s been spent. The check’s in the mail. The egg has hatched. What’s done is done. And so forth. And so on.


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2010- The Year in Review

I’m back, after a trip home to see my gorgeous six-month old niece in Atlanta (oh yeah, and the rest of the family), followed by a quiet New Year’s Eve, a New Year’s day hangover party at my house with four crockpots loaded with  lucky food and my tiny house spilling over with people, many of whom I didn’t even know this time last year. As I settle in and unpack my luggage, a wrap-up of the year that was 2010.

January: I made some resolutions. As usual, some were winners and some are going back on the list to try again this year. Wins: introducing BC to my family, taking a vacation with BC (to the Jersey shore), buying ornaments instead of knick-knacks when I travel, setting up a desk, reflecting on my values and goals. Not so win, but still in my thoughts: working on my credit, saving for a down  payment, buying more shelves and dressers, writing my book proposal, doing the laundry every week, general health/ exercise stuff.

February: I hit a weird patch of insomnia. Oh, and I gave you a list of all the craziness that can be found in my giant purse at any one time. Kind of a slow month. I blame the insomnia. And that blizzard.

March: In March, I wrote one post. One post?!?!? Dear me.

April: I talked about calling myself a writer. I had my wisdom teeth out, and ran into my ex while I was out with my giant chipmunk cheeks. I confessed that I do not have a green thumb. I threw myself a pity party. I decided I needed some style inspiration.

May: I became briefly addicted to Polyvore.

June: I realized I had been single and chaste for a long time. I contemplated being a single mother and the challenges that might come up. I admitted that I am no June Cleaver.

July: My ex and a big, bad spider drop in on me. On the same night. I got rid of my television (after it died).

August: I realized that living alone was making me a little crazy and confessed I was lonely. I made some crafty stuff for my house. I developed a do-it-yourself therapy kit. We talked superstitions. I worked on not trying so hard to be “normal,” whatever that is. I made a list of things I wanted and my life weirdly started coming together.

September: I went to the doctor a jillion times and learned that becoming a single mother was going to take more time than I had planned. I quit smoking.  I went to PodCamp and met 80% of the people who I hang out with now on regular basis. I dyed my hair purple by accident. I learned my lesson about listening to gossip. I got a little bit hysterical.

October: By October, I had started the 30 Days of Truth meme and had to write some hard posts. I admitted a cruel thing I did as a child. I forgave some people who I needed to and wrote about one of the worst times in my life. We talked about bad credit and predatory lending. I exorcised my ex mother-in-law-to-be.

November: I wrote about how impossible I find it to ask for help. I admitted that I don’t know a thing about music. I told the history of my friendship with BC, and the time we don’t talk about. I re-quit smoking (which is still, I confess, a work in progress). I planned a solo Thanksgiving. And then it ended up being a not-so-solo Thanksgiving.

December: I hated on snow (and dating), but decided maybe it was time to take a chance, even if I fell. I worried that every decision I had ever made in my life was a mistake. You all made my life infinitely better. And I had a birthday.

So, that’s been my last year. What was your biggest moment in 2010? What’s your big plan for 2011?


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The PodCamp Experience

Photo by Rob de la Cretaz

So, remember that time I complained that I was lonely? And the lovely Jennie told me to show up to a tweet-up? Well, it’s been quite a month since then- two tweet-ups, a brief rendezvous with some of the people I met there at Johnny Cash Day, and this past weekend- PodCamp Pittsburgh. What the heck is a PodCamp, you may ask? Let’s call it Mecca for social media junkies, a two-day free UnConference with panels all day ranging from basic blogging to complex social media for business.

The first session I went to was BurghBaby’s on finding topics to blog about 52 weeks of the year. You can find the slides here. I confess to not posting as regularly as I want to. I make lists. I take photos. I come home and watch Veronica Mars episodes on Netflix. She challenged me to set deadlines for myself. I think I can. I think I can.

Another real standout for me, was  Jay Fanelli and Rob de la Cretaz‘s session: How to Suck Less on Twitter. I jumped into Twitter without much of a strategy and have been indiscriminately following anyone and everyone. They suggested capping the people you follow around 200 so that you can develop real relationships. While I follow too many publishers for contest and submission updates to ever cut down quite that low, I was able to chop out at least 100 people I was following that I had no idea why I had followed them in the first place or who had dropped off in their tweets months ago. Voila! Much clearer stream already.

Finally, I got a chance to see Laura, from the Secret Agent L Project, talk about her journey starting with one act of kindness and now blogging an international kindness movement through her affiliated agents. If you haven’t seen her on CNN or read her blog, I suggest you head right on over there and sign up to be an affiliated agent and take on your own kindness mission. Her motto: Be kind. No exceptions.

The presentations were all recorded and live-streamed throughout and will be popping up in the next few weeks on the PodCamp Pittsburgh website.  Check back there if you want to see all the amazing folks I did and do some learning for yourselves. PodCamps spring up all over the country. If there is one near you, I insist you attend. No really, I insist.


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