101 in 1001

Here’s my giant list of goals to finish in the next 1001 days inspired by the “101 Things to Do in 1001 Days” project (and Gertrude’s recent list) ….. so, can a girl do all of this in just under three years? Fingers crossed. I’ll link to posts and other sites as appropriate here and keep you updated. (I’ll even post photos once I complete lucky #13). The deadline is Wednesday, May 4, 2011. For anyone who wants to find out when their own 1001 days would end, there is a calculator here. I started 8/5/08.

Items in red have been completed.

Items in purple can no longer be completed in this time frame.

Items in orange are things I decided I didn’t want to do after all.


1. Fly first class.  2/22/09 on my way home from CA

2. Visit Louise in NYC. 6/16/10- 6/19/10

3. Go to Greece.

4. Go to Mexico.

5. Get my US passport. completed 06/2009

6. Get my UK passport.

7. Go back to New Orleans. Spent 8 weeks in 2009, and 2 in 2010 in NOLA.

8. Visit Danielle in Australia.

9. Go on a vacation with my sisters.

10. Take a train somewhere.

11. Go to the Waffle House (well, it’s an hour away…) completed 08/08/08 (yum)

12. Go to Coney Island Mermaid Festival.


13. Buy a digital camera. received 12/25/08 for Xmas

14. Join a CSA. (done 2010)

15. Buy a sewing machine.

16. Own a classic piece of Tiffany‘s jewelry.  received 12/27/08 for Xmas

17. Buy and use Crane engraved stationery.

18. Buy or build a bicycle at Co-Op.

19. Buy a house.

20. Subscribe to the Sunday New York Times. my first issue arrived 2/22/09

21. Buy a car or a Vespa.

22. Get a Blackberry. completed 12/12/08.

23. Buy a lockable trunk for my journals. No longer needed now that I live alone.

Around the House

24. Have an inspirations bulletin board. installed right next to my desk 02/10

25. Host a dinner party.

26. Convince my boss to let me telework part time. one day for bad weather on 1/28/09

27. Cook one new recipe a week (23/143): rice noodles with peanut sauce (way overcooked), Cream Perfect Love, dijon pork chops, french potato salad, black eyed peas with andouille sausage over rice, black bean and mango salsa, farmer’s market chili, pumpkin yogurt, ham and rice casserole, eggplant and tomato stew, egg noodles with cheese and peas, Paula Deen’s cornbread stuffing, Betty Crocker double-chocolate chip cookies, standing rib roast, Yorkshire pudding, spinach & artichoke casserole, corn pudding, pork roast, pork ribs in a crock pot, rice noodles with firecracker sauce, simple roast chicken, Paula Deen’s biscuits (ugh)

28. Create a personal “altar” space. Done October 2010

29. Plant flowers that actually grow. Summer 2010- abundant zinnias!

Body & Soul

30. Go to eye doctor and get new contacts. done 09/06/08

31. Get a professional massage. done at my facial 02/25/10

32. Have my chest tattoo removed.

33. Be able to do 50 pushups.

34. Fit into size 6 clothing.

35. Have a baby. (Gonna miss this one- only 7 months to go and not pregnant yet – October 2010)

36. Take a spirituality course.

37. Take a regular yoga class.

38. Go to midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

39. Go to the dentist. Eight years of waiting! Done 03/04/10

40. Watch a sunrise. Cocoa Beach, FL 05/01/09

41. Watch a sunset. In New Orleans on the hotel roof- January 2009

Writing, Crafting, & Learning

42. Read at an open mic poetry night.

43. Make an altered book.

44. Win NaNoWriMo.

45. Submit 3 poems or short stories to journals per week for 3 months. (3/12)

46. Give only handmade gifts one Christmas.

47. Finish all twelve weeks of the Artist’s Way.

48. Make a quilt from my old clothes.

49. Pass the bar exam.

50. Take a tap dancing class.

51. Update my “100 things about me.” completed 08/06/08

52. Send out one piece of mail art per month (0/33)

53. Finish a graduate writing degree. enrolled- first day of school 09/02/08

54. Learn to ride a bicycle (yep, never learned).

55. Take another belly dancing class.

56. Take a creative writing workshop.  completed 10/04/08

57. Make a crocheted blanket. Done August 2010 for my new niece.

58. Cross stitch an ABC sampler. started on 08/24/08

59. Take a sewing class. enrolled for 9/14/08!

60. Publish another chapbook.

61. Write and publish a magazine or newspaper article.

62. Finish a “Learning to Love You More” assignment.

63. Show one piece of art.

64. Start a personal scrapbook. Purchased and started on a trip to Ithaca 2/25/09

65. Sew a skirt I actually wear.

66. Make an apron.

Practical Musts

67. Save $10,000. (Actually a little more, thanks to a matching fund through work) 6/28/10.

68. Pay off all credit card debt.

69. Make a list/ take pictures for renters insurance policy.

70. Get my driver’s license.

71. Pay off my laptop.

72. Return my library books. completed 8/7/08 (after a YEAR)

73. Complete “31 Days to Fix Your Finances.”

74. Update my will and beneficiaries.

Random Fun and Late Additions

75. Volunteer at least 4 hours per month.

76. Try being vegetarian for one week.

77. Read one book a week and keep a list (54/143): Strange Pilgrims (Gabriel Garcia Marquez); Ham Biscuits, Hostess Gowns, and Other Southern Specialties (Julia Reed); 1984 (George Orwell); Crocodile Soup (Julia Darling); The House on First Street (Julia Reed); Little Children (Tom Perrotta); One Hundred Poems from the Chinese (Kenneth Rexroth); On Writing (Stephen King- 5 STARS!); The Namesake (Jhumpa Lahiri); Voodoo in New Orleans (Robert Tallant); Map of Ireland (Stephanie Grant); As I Lay Dying (Faulkner); The Queen of the Turtle Derby and Other Southern Phenomena (Julia Reed); Professional Writing and Rhetoric (Tim Peeples); New World Order (Derek Green); If Disney Ran Your Hospital (Lee); The Goal (Goldratt); The Reader (Schlink); The Year of Living Biblically (Jacobs); Matrimony (Henkin); The One Hundred (Garcia); Time and Materials (Hass); The Secret Life and Bees (Kidd); The Awakening (Chopin); I Capture the Castle (Smith); Frankenstein (Shelley); My Antonia (Cather); Revolutionary Road; Love in the Time of Cholera; Reborn: The Journals of Susan Sontag; 84, Charing Cross Road; Uncommon Arrangements (Roiphe); Parallel Lives (Rose); He’s Just Not That Into You; Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man (Harvey); The Tipping Point (Gladwell); Outliers (Gladwell); Her Fearful Symmetry (Niffenegger): Paris Review Interviews Book 1; The Cry of the Sloth (Savage); Traveling With Poemgranates (Sue Monk Kidd); A Book of One’s Own (Mallon); The Elegance of the Hedgehog (Barbery); Yours Ever: People and Their Letters (Mallon); The Man Who Loved Books Too Much (Bartlett); A Gate at the Stairs (Lorrie Moore); The Girl Who Fell From the Sky (Durrow); Blink (Gladwell); The End (Scibona); The Handmaid’s Tale (Atwood); Blood Dazzler (Smith); All American Poem (Dickman); Henry and Clara (Mallon); A Chant to Soothe Wild Elephants (Coffin); Geneaology (Casey).

78. Write one letter or postcard and mail it per week (47/143).

79. Go to a Steelers game.

80. Go to bookclub more than once (2/2).  done 09/09/09 (and I read the books both times)

81. Plant a tree.

82. Start and keep a one sentence daily journal. purchased & started on 09/09/09 (still going strong 03/10)

83. Ride on a float in a parade.

84. Write 100 thank you notes (13/100).

85. Meet an internet friend in person.  done 05/2009- Green in San Francisco; now dozens of Twitter folks as well.

86. Go to a drive-in movie theatre.

87. Fund a scholarship at my alma mater. Payment schedule begins 7/1/10 for an annual $1000.

88. Go on a picnic. July 4th weekend 2010 (with BC)

89. Ride in a limo.

90. Send a message in a bottle.

91. Have a birthday party for myself.

92. Go ice skating.

93. Teach a class.done 07/2009- at a large conference for work on social media.

94. Have a booth at a craft show.

95. Learn how and wear false eyelashes.

96. Go skinny dipping.

97. Get back in touch and stay in touch with my penpal of 8 years. done 07/09

98. Read the complete works of William Faulkner. one down

99. Send and receive a postcrossing postcard.  sent 2 on 08/06/08, received one 08/16/08 from Romania (Dracula’s Castle!)

100. Read the entire “Dictionary of Cultural Literacy.”

101. Go to Trivia Night.


32 responses to “101 in 1001

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  2. very ambitious and very cool! i may have to steal this idea.

    i also can’t ride a bike (or drive a car). urban!

  3. What fun this is! I recently compiled a list of “things to do before I go” but for that I have my whole life and I am sure there were less than 101.
    Can’t wait to see what gets accomplished!

  4. You are awsome and ambitious! You make me want to get up off my lazy butt and do something! Thank you.

  5. What a fun list! I hope you accomplish everything.

    P.S.: I may need to steal some of those!

    PPS: Crane is having a sale right now, on some pretty great stuff.

  6. The list is a lot of fun to do. I’ve hardly even looked at mine lately, but I’ll get to it again soon. My 1001 days are up soon. Yikes!

    Ill enjoy seeing what you’ve crossed off the list.

    Have fun!

  7. Your list is awesome…but I had to chuckle because you said you would have to pay $50 for each thing you don’t complete (from having a baby to getting a massage!).

  8. letigreinfrance

    Great list! Very inspiring too!

  9. TwentyTwo

    Very cool. 🙂

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  11. all right, that’s it – i’m gonna copy your idea of making a list of things i want to do! terrific, and good luck!

  12. p.s. you could even try being vegan for a week, and if you do, read dean ornish. he makes it all sound so logical and like you’re missin’ out if you stick to the meat and cheese and all of that jazz. 🙂

  13. I was a vegan for a month, and it changed my experience of eating, so that’s a goal I can get behind. 🙂

  14. Janine Falcon

    I love it. I’m composing a post to tell folks about it. Inspired.

  15. This is a very cool idea. BTW, that massage will be worth every penny you’ll have to spend on it. My sister bought me my first one as a birthday present. I’ve bought several since then. You’ll be a new woman.

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  17. edinadevine

    Great list! We have much in common, including red hair!

  18. lateboomerviews

    Feeling up, but a little down – I searched for some new-agey blogs. Found your article “New Age Hooey… Eerily effective” which led to this one.

    I’m very excited about this. I’m starting my list now.
    The “Universe” guides us in mysterious ways.


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  20. I’m going to start working on my list tonight. This is a great idea.

  21. loobiesmith

    I think that I will also do this! Thank you for sharing this idea with we readers!

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  24. Although I agree that if you set an arts-related goal you should stick with it, I’d say that The Artist’s Way is overrated. You have your own path and who knows how her relationship with Martin Scorcese affected her ability to put together such a volume?

    I also thought your number of poems per week to be submitted to be rather a hard task. I’ve just started to get more serious about this. Maybe I’ll get there this year and I’m underselling my OWN abilities. However, I say: no self-flagellation with out cries of ecstasy. Ok, I never say that. I just said it for a cheap laugh. But, go easy on yourself, OK?

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  28. Found your blog on Yahoo and was so glad i did. That was a quick read. I have a small question.Is it alright if i send you an email???…

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  32. Keep going Eleanor! You’re so close to your end date and look at how much you’ve accomplished!

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