About Eleanor

Yours Truly

Hmmm… your Eleanor is a redhead, a Southerner by birth, a Pittsburgher by choice, a feminist by nature, a writer by passion, a local food junkie by stomach, a liberal by vote, an oldest child by birth order, a Capricorn, a bisexual, a bourbon drinker at times, a challenged Christian (the gay bits make it complicated), (not actually named Eleanor) and your correspondent. I can be reached at eleanorstrousers (at) gmail.com .

100 random things about me:

  1. I collect old etiquette books, preferably 1945 or earlier, and sometimes wish those were still the rules.
  2. I live in a townhouse built in 1890. I rent.
  3. I have two younger sisters- the Hippie and the Yuppie.
  4. I wish I could write short fiction or creative non-fiction, but I’m a pretty fine poet.
  5. I went to theatre school, business school, and law school, but wish I had studied English Lit.
  6. I dream of owning one thing in every category that is good enough quality to never have to buy another again (i.e one good leather handbag, one nice dining room table, etc.)
  7. I am 5’0″- I used to wear heels all of the time, but since I’m clumsy, I’ve dealt with being short.
  8. My favorite scents- pink grapefruit, vanilla, and pumpkin.
  9. My current favorite perfume- Miss Dior Cherie. My all-time favorite- Tresor. Body spray? Vanilla.
  10. When I get upset my nostrils flare.
  11. I need coffee or a Diet Coke to get going in the morning. I should sleep more.
  12. I’m not “religious,” but spent a good bit of time as Southern Baptist. Dating and loving a woman makes finding a church complicated these days- I’m not asking for a church to be lax, just welcoming. I collect Catholic-abilia, nonetheless. Virgin statues, holy cards, holy water containers, candles, incense, rosaries- I love it all.
  13. I am working simultaneously on a novel, a poetry collection, and a fun non-fiction project. It makes me feel like I have 92 personalities sometimes.
  14. Favorite cocktails: bourbon and Diet Coke, Yuengling or Banana Bread beer, oatmeal cookie shots.
  15. I read- sometimes 4 books a week.
  16. I totally adore Wonder Woman stuff.
  17. I live for the Waffle House– luckily, the closest one is an hour away.
  18. When I was in high school, my nickname was Mouse.
  19. When I was in middle school, my nickname was Shrub- I had HUGE hair.
  20. I lived with a stripper for one drunken year- she was the best and worst roommate ever. I’d never do that again.
  21. I have had 52 jobs. Yep. And I don’t get fired.
  22. Every time I play the lottery I actually think I’ll win, and get bummed when I don’t. I don’t play very often since I can’t handle the disappointment.
  23. My best friend, BC, the lovely of my life, is gay. He’s been my family for twelve years now.
  24. Facebook irritates me lately. But I can almost always be found on Twitter- @eleanorstrouser.
  25. I have never owned enough bookshelves to have all of my books out- there are still boxes of them in my spare bedroom.
  26. If I don’t get enough sleep, I am unbearably cranky. It has led to break-ups. It’s that bad.
  27. Favorite foods- steak, Community Coffee from New Orleans, the Triple Play at Chili’s, shrimp (at the beach), French bread and good cheese with farmer’s market fruit.
  28. Favorite color- Tiffany blue (or robin’s egg blue).
  29. My hair is actually strawberry blonde but I dye it a darker red. It suits me.
  30. I smoke Parliament Lights. I’m not proud of it, but I do. I’m working on that.
  31. I once worked at the Pentagon. I hated every minute of it.
  32. I hit snooze approximately 97 times every morning.
  33. Cold weather makes me cry. I’m Southern and not cut out for it.
  34. I love to watch award shows. When people give moving speeches, I cry every time.
  35. Favorite TV shows: Pretty Little Liars, American Ninja Warriors, Friday Night Lights, American Horror Story.
  36. I have an ancient Dell laptop that has been threatening to give up the ghost for months. I try to rely on my iPhone to save what little life it has left. I’m hoping to upgrade to a Mac when my ship comes in.
  37. After 30 months, I still had a cell phone contract with my ex because I was too lazy to go through the hassle of separating the contract. I’m better now.
  38. In high school, my bedroom was black-and-white cow print everything.
  39. I hate being around drunk people when I’m sober.
  40. I lost 40 pounds after my last breakup. I got engaged and put twenty of it right back on. I broke off the engagement and lost another 10 so far.
  41. I am a piler. There are little piles of stuff all over my house. I rarely ever go through the piles.
  42. I used to write letters to my Congressmen all the time. After I moved to DC and realized they were being answered by 19 year old interns, I quit.
  43. I am a feminist, but I don’t think makeup and liking fun clothes are the worst things ever. In fact I kind of enjoy both of those….
  44. I have a box of craft supplies I haven’t used in a few years, but always think of taking vacation time to make stuff.
  45. I was once a certified ear piercer at the mall. If I maimed any of you, I’m sorry.
  46. I have four tattoos. I want to remove one of them because it sticks out of most professional clothes, and I’m a lot less hardcore than I used to be.
  47. My mother is perfect. That’s a lot to live up to. Unfortunately she’s also really nice about it, which makes it even more challenging.
  48. I am a preppy girl who secretly wishes she was a hipster. Except I like the classics.
  49. I interviewed one time to be a receptionist at a brothel. I didn’t get the job.
  50. I have tons of blank journals that I’m always trying to fill, but I always buy new ones when I see them.
  51. I keep my New Year’s resolutions in my desk at work.
  52. I collect quotes and have them jotted down on scraps of paper all over the house. I used to put them on Post-Its on my bathroom mirror.
  53. The Lady, the love of my life, is an artist and a social worker. You can find little projects in frames all over the house, along with our rotating displays of knick-knacks and kids’ toys tucked into the houseplants.
  54. I love brunch in any form.
  55. I don’t own a car and let my driver’s license expire eight years ago. I take the bus.
  56. I took way more Women’s Studies classes in school than I needed to for my minor. I wish I could take more.
  57. I have always regretted the three years that I didn’t speak to my best friend, BC. He was angry that I had moved out without notice and in with a person he despised. We got back in touch, but we don’t talk about those years much. It’s too painful.
  58. I have never been much of a music fan. It’s my secret shame. Honestly, I hardly ever listen to music of any kind. At trivia, oddly, I can only answer country music questions.
  59. I am a compulsive list maker. I have lists of every category imaginable.
  60. My ex future sister-in-law is my mini-me (and I love it).
  61. The ex fiance’ thought we were going to name our first son Atrayu. That would have never never happened.
  62. I am a bit of social media junkie- Facebook, FourSquare, Yammer, etc. I teach classes. I am paid very well for this.
  63. I would live in pajama pants and T-shirts if I could find a way to do so. Thus my fantasies of living off freelance writing.
  64. I have always worried that I am not good at being a girl, even though I am pretty good at girlyness in general.
  65. I got the highest SAT score in my high school. That has never mattered since.
  66. Eleanor Roosevelt was my favorite first lady- I used to go often to the exhibit at the National History Museum to look at her portion of the exhibit.
  67. I am incredibly disorganized. My sister, the Yuppie, is not. She will inevitably have a more successful career than me.
  68. I check CNN five times a day. My conversations are like streaming news feeds….
  69. I read almost everything Marge Piercy ever wrote. I like anything without cats in it. I try to love the cat poems too, but I just can’t do it. Otherwise, those poems got me through college.
  70. My secret music jones, when I get one, is for LFO songs- they always make me laugh.
  71. I am amazingly good at assembling crappy furniture from Target and IKEA.
  72. I would rather never own another pet for the rest of my life. I liked my Beta fish, but otherwise, no thanks. I know this makes me a horrible person. I had a dog once with an ex. He loved to bite me as often as possible and drag me around the block and pee on the carpet. He was a 70 pound terror. He ate my pearl earrings out of spite and would attack me when I tried to get in bed or sit on the couch with my ex. It was hell. I never want to go back. And cats… well, not for me.
  73. I am an ordained online minister of the Universal Life Church. I could legally marry people in some states.
  74. I had a very brief college acting career playing Old Woman #4 in Lysistrata and Servant, Act 3 in MacBeth. My parents are so proud.
  75. I once played a corporate mascot in a parade and shared my float with the Power Rangers.
  76. I was in a Super Bowl halftime show with my high school dance team.
  77. I wear a lot of black- not because it’s fashionable or I like it, but because at some pivotal stage of puberty I read in some girl magazine that it makes you look skinny.
  78. I learned most of the Spanish I know from the English/ Spanish directions on household products.
  79. I once tried to avoid seasonal depression by decorating my bedroom in hot pink and orange. I think it worked, but I got into a long term relationship and moved a month after I did it, so I can’t be sure.
  80. I never eat mayonnaise in or on anything unless I can pretend it’s not even in a recipe (i.e. spinach dip). Ditto for cold cuts- they all taste like mayo to me.
  81. I was fairly obsessed in college with having pretty and soft feet.
  82. I hate almost all war and cop movies. In fact, I can’t stand to watch movies or read books without female characters, period.
  83. I never learned how to ride a bike, dive into a swimming pool, or whistle.
  84. Sometimes I put things on my to-do list that I have already done so that I can cross them off.
  85. I am an office supply junkie.
  86. I can do an entire 30 minute monologue, complete with photo evidence, on the fact that my middle school haircuts are proof that my parents hated me. Or used me as an experiment. Or just liked to laugh.
  87. When I jump on my left foot, it makes my teeth hurt.
  88. My Starbucks drink of choice is a venti sugar-free vanilla non-fat latte with three Splendas.
  89. I have attended five colleges. I have two degrees.
  90. If I know I’m about to have to do something I’ve never done before, I read a book about it or look it up online. I know you can’t learn everything about life from books. I just want to be prepared. I want to be prepared, because despite the fact that I claim to be delighted by them, I really hate surprises.
  91. Leather pants do it for me. On men, on women: what can I say? I dig them.
  92. I once cracked a rib coughing due to bronchitis- they gave me the good drugs.
  93. At various points in my childhood, I wanted to be an architect, a nurse, a journalist, a lawyer, an actress, and a ballerina.
  94. My worst-case-scenario plan is to run away to New Orleans and start a new life under an assumed name. I think I could get away with it there.
  95. I have learned from experience never to date actors, bartenders, alcoholics, soldiers, or police officers.
  96. I love to go “missing” for a day- leave my cell phone behind and go wandering around, shopping, sitting in a coffeehouse, people-watching.
  97. I had a goldfish as a child that lived for seven years and was named after my swimming teacher.
  98. I love food from booths- street carnivals, state fairs, outdoor concerts. Yum!
  99. I had stitches on my head twice as a child- both from jumping into pointy corners of objects. I wish had the energy to jump all the time anymore.
  100. My father is British and my mother is a Southern belle, which means I know the proper way to speak and know when to milk the southern accent to get what I want. Thanks Mom and Dad.

47 responses to “About Eleanor

  1. maralorelei

    So . . . Pittsburgher by choice, eh? Thought I was crazy moving from one side of the state to the other! You left where it is actually warm!!! Where do you go to school? I’m in Indiana at IUP, not too far away. Your writing posts inspired me–except I haven’t gotten to “The Artist’s Way”–my book of choice is Natalie Goldberg’s “Writing Down the Bones” and I try to write a theme notebook in a month–but that doesn’t happen much now I have trouble with my hands and school has taken over my life! Next semester I will be part-time, so who knows? I was doing National Novel Writing Month, but then I realized how many papers I had due soon, so I stopped after 10,660 words. At least I got a good start!

    Good luck to you!

  2. You did better at Nano than I did- I have about 3,600 words right now. I have tried for years to finish those 50,000!

    I went to Chatham and Pitt, but am school-free for now. I am always wanting to go back and tack on another degree…

    Good luck with your writing!

  3. A

    Things I love about this page:
    -The L Word
    -Project Runway
    -Gay friends
    -Women’s Studies

    Okay, so your comment on my post left me SO intrigued, and I can’t say that curiosity has been slaked…We’ll (I’ll) be keeping an eye on you.

  4. This was so entertaining I forgot I was depressed! After I get some sleep, I’ll have to come back and read some more.

    Eleanor: Thanks Dixiegirl!

  5. millyonair

    Hi Eleanor- great list! I tried the whole running away to New Orleans thing. I even planned on using an assumed name too! It was going to be “Esme” (French for beloved or highly esteemed – but you probably knew that), but I chickened out the first time I was required to introduce myself to someone. I did, however, pretend to be about 3 years younger than I was, and succeeded for a while but was busted by a bitchy bartender who was checking my ID.

    Anyway, I can highly recommend running away to NOLA. It’s probably the most wonderful thing I ever did for myself. It’s warm, and you can have beer for breakfast and no one will bat an eyelash about it.

    Also: bread pudding and Catholic memorabilia abound. (I also collect these things despite a Southern Baptist upbringing – must have been like a religious vitamin deficiency we suffered or something).

    Great site! I dig it!

    Eleanor: Yay! Beer for breakfast!

  6. Lina

    LFO!!! *screams a little inside* You have discovered my secret love of this boy band! 🙂 I have a beta fish too. He is my secret confidant. He knows everything! 😉

    Eleanor: OK. We can officially be friends. Any friend of LFO is a friend of mine.

  7. bipolarlawyercook

    Bourbon and diet coke? Check. Venti sf vanilla nf latte w/ 3 splendas? Check. Waffle House? Every single time I can find one. One of the problems of living in the Northeast. No biscuits & gravy! Leather pants? Check.

    I’ve always wanted to drive to Pittsburgh for coffee.
    : )

    Eleanor: Come on over for coffee any weekend. (Or bourbon and diet coke). 🙂

  8. Ok, so, if I somehow decide to go to law school (still kinda playing with the idea) we will share 2 degrees. And, I kinda wish I studied theatre though I did love English lit. One day we’ll have to swap our knowledge. Preferably over diet cokes and oatmeal cookie shots….

    Somewhere in the south, because it is entirely too cold in Pennsylvania.

    Eleanor: OK, so maybe I started an application for an English lit degree today… eerie. Yes, we should cocktail in a warm place. And let me know if you have pre law school questions… I’ll fill you in on the inside scoop.

  9. I’ll have to show #13 to my husband – he thinks I’m crazy when I say I can see Tetris shapes when I shut my eyes!! Maybe I am but at least I’m not the only one. Nice blog!

  10. Here is your feminist Kyle Payne:

    Eleanor: For the rest of this story/ comment, see my post here.

  11. You have reinspired me to finish my list of 100 random truths about Emmi Jo. I had only written the first 25, but have many more in mind thanks to this wonderful blog.

    Atrayu– I could live with that (the NeverEnding Story is my all time favorite movie)… My Ex wanted to name our first d’Artagnan.

    Thanks for the comments 😉


    Eleanor: Looking forward to your list. I enjoyed your site!

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  13. Well, I came back and re-read. It’s still funny.

    How can a southern girl not know how to ride a bike or whistle? Well, at least ride a bike. My whistle isn’t so good but I can.

    I also look up things to learn to do them. It annoyed me no end to have to pay the college for what I could have done for free. Why don’t they just give me a reading outline and have a CLEP or it all and save me money?

    I’m almost done with the loans.

  14. hmks

    Wow. At about #59 I decided we are kindred spirits.

    I am a real redhead (for REAL), but I sincerely appreciate those who wish to be redheads.

    I am sooooo putting your blog on my blogroll – I hope you put HeidiTown on your blogroll. If you don’t I’m going to comment relentlessly. 🙂


  15. You crack my shit up. I love your 101 list!

  16. Lovely blog. You had me at 66.

  17. I love your blog! Check out this great love and relationship site when you have a moment- Love Buzz: http://www.tangomag.com/lovebuzz. Hope you like it!

  18. Hey Eleanor,
    #61- Atrayu isn’t such a bad name for a boy. Everybody knows he battled “The Nothing”. You’re kid would be a hero. hee hee hee

  19. Great list — the most fun I’ve had on an About page yet.

    ps: I am also an office supply junky.

  20. Asydayprosera

    Hello my friends 🙂

  21. Yecats

    every check out pittsburghdish ?

    my best friend would fall in love with you…i just know it. you have a beautiful character (no, i’m not a weirdo…just making a comment). i once was in your shoes…it sucked, and in all honesty…well, never mind. anywho…fuck ’em.

    i’m southern too. 🙂

  22. oceanvieweast

    We have WAYYYY too much in common. Kind of scary, actually. From love of office supplies to loathe of mayo, a reincarnation in N’awlins to the trusty Beta and now, newly single, I am currently polishing my skills on number 72. I’m almost a twin!

    All the same, great factoids if I do say so myself…


    Eleanor: Maybe we’ll run into eachother in a New Orleans office supply store sometime 🙂

  23. Bee

    Wow – how many closest LFO fans are there out there? I thought I was the only one. They were my NKOTB substitute. My personal fave is Boom Sha Lak Lak.

    Just discovered you through This Fish. Awesome stuff – really enjoying it, so thanks!

  24. sole2soul

    Your list is hysterical! I don’t know how I got here but I’m sure glad I did. Thanks for a (very) fun read and the endorphin surge that came from laughing out loud ~

  25. I collect old etiquette books as well and have had a secret crush on the deceased Amy Vanderbilt for many years. If she were alive today, I would write her a lovely thank you note by hand, with the correct salutation and everything.

    Love your blog.


  26. Lui Sieh

    Dropped in after readying your BBB post which made me chuckle. One for the good guys, yay! Your blog is very cool. And yeah, the ‘burgh is a great place to live. Miss the O’s fries and Primanti’s in Oakland, some of my old stomping grounds many moons ago. Is the Shadyside Arts festival going on? Hmmm…


  27. creatist

    it’s gorgeous – this. i have posted a list of 50 things about me on my blog. and some are quite similar to yours ( no, i didn’t copy paste :P)


  28. Eleonora

    Ey! I´m surprised and kind of frightened!
    well, you see my name, but the fact is that the only thing I don´t have is two younger sister…my older brither has been hippie and now he´s yuppie…
    The other and last difference is that I live in Argentina!
    I don´t usually believe in this kind of things..but I might start!
    Un beso desde Argentina!!!

  29. I’m not even going to pretend to have read all your 100 notes re: you. My ADHD is untreated currently and I zipped by. Sad you don’t like mayo, by which I mean Miracle Whip. Anyone who wouldn’t train their dog to be better around the woman of the house doesn’t deserve a woman around the house OR a dog. You in black with your hair dyed more auburn than strawberry….. hmmm. Well, that’s enough commenting for now!

    Have a great rest of the week.

  30. The one about the (can we call him “kooky” now?) ex-fiance who wanted to name a boy Atrayu was hilarity personified, thingified, or something.

    Have you done a blog on how you have managed so many jobs without getting canned? I could seriously use such advice.

    Oh. And WHEN I sell my first children’s book, if there’s any cash connected with the event, I will put *black* leather pants on the shopping list. You and bipolarlawyercook have convinced me.

  31. Bobbi

    We have so many things in common from this list that we must be distant cousins. I’ve received an afternoon energy boost just from reading you. I’m going to try one of these ‘hundred’ lists. And of course add you to my daily read.

  32. I love this list! It’s so random and quirky and honest. Everyone should describe themselves in a similar fashion.

  33. Ray

    Hi Eleanor, I just chanced on your blog and checked out your about me page. I usually quickly skip through these pages, but I read all your ‘100 random things about me’.
    I just found them interesting,and they made me smile.

  34. you are such an interesting writer. wish i had read no. 95 before i married and divorced one. (i.e., actor)

  35. KristenD

    I’m not going to sound like everyone else and say “we’re twins! LIKE OMG.” I just wanted to comment to say that I appreciate people like you; people who can be honest about who they are and embrace the fact that they are unique in even the smallest ways. I have a BS in English Lit for teaching and I definitely encourage you to simply read on your own and maybe find a book group of people you actually like to discuss lit with. Your education will amount to the same quality and cost you a lot less (just the cost of books and your time). Thanks for the smile and I hope you find someone who appreciates all 100(+) of your quirks. 🙂

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  37. Well aren’t you quite the conundrum. A southern belle as well as an ex southern Baptist. I can see why you ran away to Pittsburgh to escape your southern heritage to live out your feminist leanings and yet you espouse classical values and clothes. My only question is why don’t you own your residence, even a condo? Renting is so not in your financial best interest.

    My mother was a redhead as well and also a southerner. She was poison though as well as my father and I had to cut them out of my life.

    Love the fact that you are petite though, my favorite body type on a woman.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  38. John Wilder

    If you don’t mind the suggestion, right now is a buyer’s market. You can buy a house on a contract for deed with the seller holding the paper until you get enough paid for a big down payment. If you have already paid 30% for example, the banks or mortgage company will finance you even with lousy credit. It is just them needing to mitigate their risks.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  39. Is this by chance one of those 92 personalities? http://eleanorcalledella.wordpress.com/about/

    You had similar posts about insomnia/sleep-deprivation posted simultaneously 1 hour ago…

  40. I love this!!!! As a fellow redheaded Pittsburgher who also likes to write, I’m so excited to have found your blog 🙂 I think I’ll make a similar post now!

  41. Colette

    Try an Episcopal (NOT Anglican) Church? Church of the Redeemer in Squirrel Hill is where I attend.
    P.S. You are hilarious!

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