After The Storm

Taxis sit in a flooded lot after Hurricane Sandy October 30, 2012 in Hoboken, New Jersey. (Michael Bocchieri/Getty Images/AFP)

I’ve spent the past week preparing for Hurricane Sandy. Pittsburgh pre-declared a state of emergency and warned us all to prepare for three days without power or water. We stocked up on batteries and water. I called my family in Atlanta to let them know we were staying home and would be in touch when we could. Then, the storm turned further north. We had rain and hail, some floods in low-lying areas, but the city was basically unscathed. We were lucky. In the days since, it’s been more important to track down friends in New York and New Jersey, to stay tuned in to Twitter and Facebook, to make sure everyone was ok. A friend, a single mother in Hoboken, has lost her car and expects to be without power for another ten days.

After four days working from home, tomorrow my life goes back to normal. It will be a while before “normal” for so many others. If you have extra to give, I encourage you to donate to the Red Cross.


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