Weekend Inspiration


Hooray! The dinosaur says it’s finally Friday (actually Saturday morning) and I could not be happier to have some time to unwind with my pile of unread books and magazines, some Olympics on tv, and to step away from the madness of Facebook and Twitter for a few days.

I know how divided our country is, and while I attempt to be Zen about it, watching the news show giant crowds gleefully guzzling chicken to prove that yes, we like big business and don’t care it gives its money to groups that lobby in favor of KILLING people like you… well, that sucks. (And no, I have no problem with corporations having the legal right to support any values that they like- including preventing gay marriage. Funding groups that lobby for laws that make being gay punishable by death is bigger than that.) It drains me.

And so I’ve tried to figure out how I want to be in times like these. The only way that I know how to live in a world that is full of hate and ignorance and fear is with more love. Love for the people being hated, sure. But even harder, loving on the people doing the hating. Loving people who support you being killed or don’t care enough to do the research and figure that piece out. I am trying to find a way to love the hateful. It is the only way to stop the cycle.


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