Farmers’ Market Findings


One of my favorite parts of summer is heading to the weekly farmers’ market. In Pittsburgh, they are scattered through the city parks and were originally organized to add some fresh local produce to the diets of locals on food stamps. They still accept food stamps, but have been opened to the public and keep the same low prices.

The abundance pictured here is thirty dollars worth of fruit and veggies grown within forty miles of my house. Since piles of green tomatoes were cheap, I whipped these up. I really enjoy this recipe, but cheated a bit. I skipped the bread crumbs and just used cornmeal straight. And because I never have buttermilk in the house, I used an old Paula Deen trick- a capful of vinegar in regular milk, stirred and left to curdle a bit for five minutes.

These green beauties fried up nicely, and with a huge green salad and a little honey mustard, I loaded up on flavor and vitamins.



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