A Very Important Date

The time has flown by. But it’s official. As of yesterday, The Lady and I have been lady friends for one full calendar year. She promised to make me laugh every day, and she has. The two of us, it works- better than anything else I’ve tried. We’re a team, complete with high-fives when we meet the grocery budget and taking turns with the less desirable cleaning tasks. With year one going by so smoothly, I’m hesitant to rave too much and jinx it.

To celebrate, we got ourselves dolled up and headed out to my personal favorite Pittsburgh event of the season, the Mattress Factory Urban Garden Party. At all times, the Mattress Factory is a fabulous installation art museum, with great exhibits and performance artists swinging through town to do incredible sets. But one night each year, the museum sets a tent up in the garden for their benefit party and 1,000+ Pittsburghers come out to dance and drink the night away under a giant tent. Last year, the party had a Hollywood/ paradise theme, complete with belly dancers, stilt walkers and costumed characters.

This year, we visited a new Wonderland, of the Alice variety.

photo: wxpi.com

Since my giant curly hair is not fit for humid summer nights, I went with a giant beehive hairdo, using the Rookie Mag beehive tutorial (seriously, I love having a beehive- try it, you’ll see). And though I’m not big on wearing flowers in my hair, I’ll make an exception for a garden party.

At this point, anonymity is growing tiresome. Yep. This is me. Minus my eyes, because that’s supposedly going to hide my real life, non-superhero identity. Also, BEEHIVE!

The Lady pulled together a queen of hearts hooded cape from a hoodie and a brooch clasp of playing cards. One of the best parts of this party is that anything goes- people arrive in jeans, in full costumes, in formal wear, in cocktail outfits and sundresses. And that doesn’t even include the paid and volunteered costumed attendees.

photo: wpxi.com

In addition to all of this fabulousness, there are tables everywhere piled high with food from local restaurants to snack on. And my personal weakness, the never-ending open bar. I started with a margarita, then a bourbon, then Wonderland Tequila Punch, and one drink led to another… let’s just say, the night got a little hazy before closing time. The dj’s were spinning dance-able music all night (and since I wouldn’t know jungle from house from trance, being able to dance is my highest praise for dj’s).

This was my second Urban Garden Party, but it won’t be my last. In fact, this may become our regular anniversary date. The whole range of the city is there, from artists to socialites, gays, straights, Twitterati, and performers. Next time, I’ll eat a big dinner before hand. And remember that valuable lesson from college…. never drink the punch.

photo: wpxi.com

You can check out more fabulous photos from this year’s party on Flickr.



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3 responses to “A Very Important Date

  1. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you’ve had a marvelous time!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Congrats on making it to a year.

  3. Meeks/CheersBitch

    Happy Anniversary! Thrilled for you and the Lady.

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