Judgment Day

Some weekends are not for relaxing on the couch. This past weekend was one of those. In addition to the dash to Podcamp Pittsburgh’s Meet and Greet and Saturday sessions, Saturday night I had been tapped to be a judge. For a local drag king pageant.

Yes. Drag kings. Women performing dressed as men (unlike the lovely Lady Rose Amore above, who is most definitely a queen- in every sense of the word).  In exchange for judging, I got a basket of delicious snacks, free booze, and a seat on a plush velvet couch right in front of the stage. I also had a great excuse to wear my purple flapper-y dress, due to the circus theme.

The contestants put on a great show and the bar was packed with a rowdy crowd ready to rain dollar bills on the performers. In between the judged sets we got see great performances like this pair of acrobats:

(Yes, that tiny man is being held up by that awesome and adorable chick).

And there was this beautiful burlesque performer!

In the interest of properly judging, I didn’t get any photos of our contestants in action, but I did swipe this one from someone else after the crowning:

So, yeah. Pretty much your average Saturday night.


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One response to “Judgment Day

  1. wish i would have known sooner. sounds like so much fun!
    next time…

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