Remembering the Happy Stuff

It’s easy to sit down and write when the world is a mopey little rain cloud dangling overhead and everything seems to be upside down and sideways. In my recent happiness, I forget to take time to document what that feels like as well.

For Friday, a list of what joy feels like these days:

  • Setting off late night fireworks with the Lady and my neighbors in a hazy glow of cocktails and laughter.
  • Swimming in a lake with my favorite people, then lounging in the sun as day turns into dusk.
  • Waking up on Sunday and slipping back off into a nap curled up in bed while the Lady turns the pages in her latest read.
  • Running into the ex, having a minor confrontation, and realizing that at least ten friends stood behind me ready to leap in if the moment called for it- and handling it myself.
  • Developing a standard road trip shopping list of beef jerky, Diet Coke, Reese’s Pieces, and Gatorade.
  • Spending weekends at the Lady’s parents’ house in the country looking out over 60 acres of field and forest, waiting for hamburgers from the grill or sipping an ice-cold bourbon.
  • Waking up to poems, love notes, and hand-drawn robots on the coffee table.
  • Arriving back from a business trip to a bouquet bigger than my torso and a full-on tackle hug.
  • Deciding to make bacon fried hotdogs because they came to the Lady in a dream and laughing until we ached.
  • Impromptu midnight parties on a Tuesday in a yard looking out over the city.
  • Insisting on one night apart to do book edits and ending up texting the whole night anyway.
  • Planning approximately 27 creative ventures to work on together including several books, an art show, a survival guide, etc.
  • Waiting for the work day to end, whether we have plans or not, just to see each other.
  • Instigating a “cheesy love song” battle on Facebook.

Yep. Things are great.



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8 responses to “Remembering the Happy Stuff

  1. I was hoping you weren’t writing out of sheer happiness! I’m that way too. Creativity tanks when I smile more.

  2. This is fabulous…happy happiness!!

  3. Hooray! Hooray! Sounds fabulous! I’m so happy for you! 🙂

  4. I love the creativity ideas and can imagine the fun it was brainstorming through them together – Happy September!

  5. This is so lovely. And I am so happy for you.

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