Oh, The Places I’d Go

Back to that never-ending meme– some spots that I’d like to visit when time and budget allow. Thanks to my job, I’ve gotten to see a lot more of the US than I had just two years ago- Anaheim, San Francisco, LA, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Oklahoma City, Tucson, and many more have been stops along the way. But if I could just wing away anywhere?

A summer in Greece (assuming no riots and political unrest), looking out at the blue, blue water and eating olives warm from the trees would do nicely.

An adventure in Thailand has been on my agenda since 2003, when I had the most vivid dream of my life about being there. I have no idea whether Thailand would remotely resemble that dream, but I’m dying to find out.


Every year, I promise myself that I’ll make it to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. Every year, some can’t-miss event gets in my way.


I can’t count the number of times that I’ve been to New Orleans, but I keep going back. It’s in my blood. If I won the lottery, I’d own a getaway in New Orleans and head down for the winters to sit on a porch and write while I watched the beautiful world stroll by.

Despite holding dual citizenship, I’ve never made it to England or more specifically to my father’s hometown in Sidmouth, Devon. My mother has been trying to convince my 90-year old grandmother to make a trip to see it again, but she’s accepted that the travel would be too much of a strain. I’d like to go on her behalf.

And finally, because we’re in the realm of fantasy, I’d like to go to the Vatican. But only if I can get the Tom Hanks all-access pass and spend weeks in their archives discovering centuries-old cover-ups and solving cryptic mysteries.



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4 responses to “Oh, The Places I’d Go

  1. Pure Klass

    This is a nice, daydream-inducing list! Maybe you can do the Vatican for a few days during your summer in Greece. You know, two extravagant birds.

  2. Bill

    You mentioned “eating olives warm from the trees”. Trust me, you’ll only eat one 🙂

    Olives straight from the tree are inedible. You’d have a more enjoyable time eating a stick of deodorant. All hail the brave souls who long ago figured out that they could be made edible!

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