Weekend Wrap-Up: Fireworks Edition


I spent most of my weekend sitting on this porch overlooking the mountains and watching the many fireworks strewn about the yard being set off by the Lady. We arrived on Friday night to cocktails being poured, a delicious dinner on the grill, and devoted ourselves to three days of doing nothing but relaxing and enjoying small town America.

There was a pick-up soccer game. A fireworks display seen from the golf course. Two bands. Blueberry pie. Mint chocolate chip ice cream. Lots of long drives with the windows down and the music turned up. Endless sunshine. A few movies on the couch. Friends stopping by and us headed out to drop in on others.

In short, it was perfection.

(And I’m pretty sure that her parents liked me too. I adored them.)

I can’t remember the last time that I came back from a weekend away so rested and refreshed. Sometimes, my dears, life is just too lovely. And I’m not taking that for granted.


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