Remember, oh two months ago, when I started a ten day challenge and then fell off the planet into the vortex of a new relationship? I barely do, either. Nonetheless, let’s saddle this horse, shall we?

Times are a little tight at Casa de Eleanor, due to some fun summer travel plans. A perfect time to browse the web and make some fantasy purchases for the future. There are plenty of things on the needs list, but I’ll just do a rundown of completely trivial things that I won’t be buying myself anytime soon.

How about this weird, delightful little book that reenacts murder scenes with dolls?

And now that I’m dating an artist who is constantly drawing me pictures, I’m going to need some new frames for my walls.

I can always use a bigger pot in the kitchen, especially in my favorite color.

I don’t get to the pool much, but when I do, I’d like to look like a movie star.

And a dress to make Christa jealous.

My luggage is constantly being destroyed, but this bag makes me want to upgrade.

And I’m feeling a little like a teenager these days, so something cutesy.

This weekend I’ll be off to meet the lovely new Lady’s parents and spend some time in the woods cooking out and splashing in the river. I’ll let you know how that goes- I pray that they like banana bread… and me.



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2 responses to “Wants

  1. I’m sure the Lady’s parents will love you (and the banana bread)

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