We Interrupt This Meme to Bring You…

The conclusion of my 101 in 1001 project! Another meme! From 2008! If you’re still reading, your meme apology card is in the mail. Ok, I haven’t sent it yet. I’ll get around to it. Like this project wrap-up. Which actually ended last Wednesday, but as you’ll know if you’ve been reading here for a while, being timely isn’t my strong suit. However, I am excellent at making lists. And surprisingly, at completing some of the items on them.

Here’s a rundown of the 35 that I actually finished before the deadline. Yes, 35% of them! Which I will explain later when we get to the ones that I didn’t finish.

  • Flying first class– thanks to my business trips, I managed to become a frequent flyer, complete with the perks of first class seating, multiple times. Twix bars and free cocktails are always a win.
  • Visit Louise in NYC- After six years away from Manhattan, one of those business trips actually brought me to the Big Apple and I spent four glorious days happy houring and theatre going after hours with one of my oldest pals.
  • Get my U.S. Passport- done.
  • Go back to New Orleans- After this made the list, it just so happened that I was offered a job with a boss based in New Orleans. Which means I’ve been back for 11 weeks since it was listed.
  • Go to the Waffle House- My first achievement, and so delicious.
  • Buy a digital camera- Back in 2008, this was an upgrade. Now I barely use it, thanks to my iPhone. The times, they have a’changed.
  • Join a CSA- Loved mine last summer, but didn’t subscribe this year due to my travel schedule. I’m glad to share, but it stung having to give away so many delicious veggies while I was on the road.
  • Own a classic piece of Tiffany’s jewelry– the ex bought me pearl earrings. I loved them. I lost one. I can’t have nice things. At least he was a jerk, so there were no sentimental attachments when the earring went missing.
  • Subscribe to the Sunday NY Times– good journalism isn’t free, people. And yes, I can read it online. But subscriptions pay for journalists to keep working. I’ll get the paper version. Besides, with a pot of coffee, the newspaper in bed is the best thing that happened to Sundays.
  • Get a Blackberry- Three years ago, my Blackberry was my dream phone. Now, you’d have to pry my iPhone out of my cold, dead hands.
  • Have an inspirations bulletin board- one at work, one at home, and my new toy, Pinterest.
  • Host a dinner party– Not precisely dinner, but I did throw a Southern grub fiesta on New Year’s Day (using FIVE crock pots) to ring in the new year with friends and a wide variety of hangovers.
  • Convince my boss to let me telework- It’s not part of my regular schedule yet, but I’ve done it for bad weather, illness, and the occasional project that required my home computer. Permanence is only three months away!
  • Create a personal “altar” space– I like the idea of somewhere quiet to sit and reflect. I gathered some candles, some photos that I love, and a few books that make me think and piled them by some lounging pillows. I don’t use it as much as I should to find some peace- it’s so far away from my laptop.
  • Plant flowers that actually grow- I’m no gardener. But last year, after a haphazard dash of seeds in the yard, I did manage to grow a feast of zinnias with almost no effort. The package said that they were supposed to be 18″ tall. Mine were 36″.
  • Get new contacts– done. But now it needs to be done again.
  • Get a professional massage– I’ve still not done a full-body massage. It seems weird to pay a stranger to rub me while I’m naked. I’m not a prude, I’m just not used to paying for the service. But I did get a lovely upper body massage when I got my first professional facial.
  • Go to the dentist- After 8 years of stalling (due to a lack of insurance and money, not a fear of dentists or lack of desire), I went and got all of my catch-up work done and have my regularly scheduled cleanings like a good little girl who plans to chew with her own teeth for as long as possible.
  • Watch a sunrise- Cocoa Beach, FL.
  • Watch a sunset- Dozens, but the most memorable was in New Orleans.
  • Submit my writing 12 times to journals– We are wayyyyy past the twelve submissions mark here. At least count on my Duotrope account, I’ve submitted at least 82 times. (By the way, if you are disorganized and submitting things to literary magazines, Duotrope is your new best friend. You’re welcome).
  • Update my 100 things about me– done. And it could probably stand to be done again.
  • Take a creative writing workshop– Not only did I take a few local workshops, I attended Bread Loaf  in 2009. It completely changed my life, and I hope to attend again.
  • Make a crocheted blanket– my first niece received her very own lavender baby blanket, made by me. My sister is forcing her to love it best.
  • Take a sewing class- I made my very own throw pillow and brushed up on those sewing machine skills.
  • Publish another chapbook- Miracle of miracles, it will be coming out in August 2011. Final edits are in progress.
  • Return my library books- They were wildly overdue. They’re back and safe in their library home now.
  • Try being a  vegetarian for a week- Another example of changing times. While I haven’t given up meat entirely (I love a steak), I very rarely eat any, besides seafood and even when I do, it’s at a restaurant. Living alone, I don’t really cook it at home. And I’m in no danger of starving to death.
  • Go to book club more than once- Twice! And both times I actually finished the assigned book. The book club fell off the radar a bit, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.
  • Start and keep a one-sentence daily journal- One of the better things that I got out of this project. Keeping an actual diary overwhelmed me from a writing perspective, so I got a big day book with dates and full pages. I just jot the year and a sentence or two to describe the day. Looking back on the last three years as the days roll around is a great reminder of how far I’ve come.
  • Meet an internet friend in person- Oh 2008! Aren’t you quaint? If you run into me with anyone these days and ask how we met, 8 times out of 10, it will be on the internet. Twitter mostly. And I got to meet Green Yogurt on my trip to San Francisco! Lora, you’re next.
  • Go on a picnic– Last summer, BC and I dragged some Middle Eastern food (and a few covert beers…. shhh) to the park and spent the 4th of July people-watching and stuffing our faces.
  • Teach a class- A major part of my new job involves hosting trainings- online and in person. I taught 200 people how to use Twitter a few years ago at a conference.
  • Get back in touch with my penpal- Facebook finally spread to Australia, so I can look at pictures of her beautiful baby every day if I like. I’d still like to write more pen-and-paper letters.
  • Send and receive a Postcrossing postcard– I love postcards. I sent mine and got a postcard from Romania of Dracula’s castle! Very cool.

What didn’t I do and why? More to come….



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5 responses to “We Interrupt This Meme to Bring You…

  1. Kalleigh Hathaway

    Congratulations on having accomplished so much!

    The one I feel most envious about is “Meet an internet friend in person.” I must read at least 100 blogs, and each blogger seems like a mini-celebrity to me. I can’t imagine proposing to meet them any more than I would ask Brad Pitt to have coffee with me. I’m just another unimportant satellite orbiting their star, I suppose. So this concept seems totally foreign to me … but then, you are a star, not a satellite. Maybe it’s different from your point of view.

    • You are entirely too kind! And I would meet you for coffee any day. I swear. I drink a LOT of coffee. Let me know where you are via email or tell me if I mention being nearby and it’s a plan.

  2. A Super Girl

    I love the one sentence a day journal idea. While I kept a diary as a kid, it completely daunts me now. What would I write about?!?! But tracking the days as they pass is a good thing.

  3. I can’t wait! I was so upset I didn’t get to meet you while you were here.

    We can go to a restaurant and eat meat together. I don’t cook it at home either.

  4. It was so great meeting you (I can’t believe I took you on an errand though)! It is impressive how much you have accomplished. You should be very proud of yourself!

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