Working for the Weekend

The last two weekends, I have enjoyed the fact that it is finally warm enough in Pittsburgh to leave the house without cringing when you step outside. The rain is determined to drown us all, but I’d rather be warm and wet than cold and wet any day.

Last weekend, my pals from Under a Pine moved into the neighborhood, so we spent a rainy day in couch-moving shenanigans and an evening celebrating their arrival and the invention of grain alcohol. As you might imagine, I needed most of Sunday to recover. Then, I headed off to Wild and Wonderful Wheeling, WV for a night of delicious Mexican food and to see a writer friend give a presentation at his hometown library.

You might imagine that after a four-day weekend, I returned to work relaxed and ready for anything. You would be wildly incorrect. Instead, the three days of the work week felt like Chinese water torture. The projects that needed work all required waiting three days for emails and then a big hustle at the end to wrap them up before deadlines. I zoned out on conference calls. The rain soaked up from the puddles to the knees of my pants. My house started to slide into a state of book-piling and dish-stacking that would horrify any non-hoarder.

But then! Huzzah! A weekend again! Friday night was beer and good food in Bloomfield and at the Pines’ again. Then Saturday, when rain was predicted for the 972 day in a row, a miracle happened! Sun! Real, actual, warmth-bearing sunshine. BC had the day free, so he drove over and we went for a walk. Which ended up being an eight-mile trek to downtown Pittsburgh and back, because it was too beautiful to go back inside. We got sandwiches at Primanti’s for strength- if a gigantic sandwich covered in french fries and slaw doesn’t give you strength, you’re doing it wrong. Because I prefer to spend winter completely sedentary, my legs were a wee bit sore after that adventure. By that I mean, I contemplated crawling down my stairs on Sunday morning.

Since I had nothing to do all day on Easter, and the rain reappeared with its rainy-ness, Sunday was a day of rest. On the couch, with a little takeout and some movies. Then, joy of joys, it was time to head out to watch the brand new Doctor Who. Without a fancy cable plan, I love any show that I can get free online, but friends with gigantic televisions and cable do come in handy when you want to see something released recently.

And now, here we are. Back at Monday. Back in the office. Back to waiting for emails. I will suffer the indignity only because they pay for all the fun that I have on the weekends. I know. I’m so noble.



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3 responses to “Working for the Weekend

  1. Kristin Brænne


  2. This will sound completely corny, but as a geek…the Doctor Who love just made my (platonic) love for you grow exponentially. We have a Big TV but no cable/satellite programming anymore…so I subscribed to it on iTunes. Which has worked out pretty well so far.

  3. dixiegirlinindiana

    I don’t get by here much but when I do I wonder why I don’t. It is always interesting or funny or both.

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