Pulling the Trigger

It’s official. You have all convinced me to enter the insane world of online dating. Using much of the profile I wrote as an anti-profile. If this goes badly, just think how awful you will all feel. Of course, if it works out well, you can all take the credit.

At the 18 hour mark, our contenders thus far include one man who “winked” at me and then listed my name under “What I’m Doing With My Life.” That, kind sir, is unlikely. One informed me sincerely that he “can sexy.” One is a Twitter follower, who I don’t believe realizes that I am the same person as Anonymous Me.

They can’t all be duds though. There’s a painter who shares my lack of musical knowledge and has a somewhat appealingly awkward approach that reminds me of… um, me, being awkward. There’s a blue-collar guy whose private confession is that he listens to NPR. I may see what they have to say….

Is it wrong of me to confess that I’m looking forward to this insanity for the blogging material alone?



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6 responses to “Pulling the Trigger

  1. Is it wrong of ME to confess that I’m looking forward to this insanity for the blogging material alone?

    I think online dating is totally okay. It’s the new millenium. We can’t just stand around the produce department feeling melons and cukes waiting for someone cute to come along.

  2. First thing I thought was: Yes! Blogging Material!

    Also, the Twitter follower is kind of creepy. Not in the traditional creepy way since you’re probably right that he hasn’t put two and two together. It’s just creepy in the “how do I tell him who I anonymously am?!” way.

  3. I, for one, can say I’m definitely looking forward to hearing how it turns out for you. I wish you the interesting, followed quickly by the best. 😉

  4. jen

    that is just awesome! wish you all the luck!

  5. Long, long ago (a decade-and-a-half plus)…I was a blue collar worker. I built manufactured housing and commercial buildings. I used a massive nail-gun, worked a lift crane, learned enough pidgin-spanish to communicate, and played craps for lunch money with everyone else. I also listened to NPR and it wasn’t a secret or a “private confession.”

    If someone is ashamed to admit they listened to NPR, they would make me crazy in short order. I’m not trying to tell you how to find love, because I don’t understand its mysteries well enough to even consider trying…

    …But NPR as a “confession” makes me want to smack him. I have no idea how that’s even remotely relevant, but I thought I would share.

    Good luck, and may you find the bicycle that matches your fish.

  6. Ravdawg


    I’ve found with dating websites that showing less is often more.

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