Laptop Limbo

I have killed my mother. Board, that is. Which leaves me with only two phones and a work-related and WordPress unfriendly laptop to my name. I know. I might as well live in a cave.

A list of things I’ve been doing in these dark technological times:

-made it back from Travelpalooza mostly intact

-slept twelve hours of recovery sleep

-learned to repair books

-drank a peach margarita the size of my head

-saw Sucker Punch

-made fun of Sucker Punch

-drank ten cups of coffee

-bought groceries that hadn’t been sitting in my empty house for two weeks

-ate one pound of strawberries

-flung everything in my suitcases all over the dining room

And that sums up the weekend.

I’m hoping to get back to an actual keyboard tomorrow and if I do, I’ll expand on all of the above. If not, I’m going to have to start sending posts as haiku.



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2 responses to “Laptop Limbo

  1. Can I vote for Haiku in posts/along with posts? I want you to expand, but I’m also secretly hoping for your little nuggets of poetic inspiration.

    Then expand. Expanding is good too.

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