It seems like I’ve been psyching myself up for my next business trip for months. Three cities, back-to-back over fifteen days, with not a single one of those days as downtime- every day is a working day. Some of them are also flying days, and checking in and out of hotel days.  I will be one busy camper.

Fear not! I’m not going anywhere particularly glamorous. At least not in the travel brochure sense of the word. No need to be jealous. A week in Cleveland, a few days in DC, and then a week in Philadelphia. I’ve been to all three and I like them. Well, no one’s ever shown me a particularly appealing side to Cleveland, but I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt one more time. Bring it, Cleveland! Show me your fun side. (Even if I’m stranded at a conference hotel in the burbs).

I tend to travel a bit “heavy”. I’m a notorious over-packer and this time of year, when the weather could be a blizzard or a sunny day in the park, doesn’t make it any easier. I’ve got suits to wear for work, jeans and skirts for the off hours and at least one dress in case I get invited somewhere nicer than I’m expecting along the way.

I will still, inevitably, end up looking like a bag lady rolling through the airport. Spare me your organizational suggestions! It’s my fate. I will be dropping magazines and leaving a trail of napkins in my wake. I have purchased all the gizmos, doohickeys, and thingamabobs to prevent it, but when it comes down to it, my floppy, sloppy side will win out.  It’s my community service- I make organized travelers feel better about themselves.

Then, when I arrive at the hotel, I will immediately dump the pile of stuff on the spare bed, which will become a nest of receipts, books finished, napkins from room service, and paperwork picked up at the conference. In the morning, I will frantically stack it all as neatly as possible (to hide my shameful ways from housekeeping). In the evening, the stacks will collapse again. When it’s time to check out, I will have to do complex geometrical equations to figure out how to get everything back into my suitcase.

That said, I’m a decent traveler, temperament-wise. I don’t mind being lost. I like to try new things/ foods/ restaurants. Other than the work meetings I’m required to attend, I don’t set agendas for myself. If I’m tired, I stay in my hotel. If I’m not, I go exploring and don’t feel bad about not seeing whatever thing that everyone must see wherever I go. I see the things I like when I feel like it, and skip the rest.

I’m trying to convince my imaginary roommate to clean my house while I’m away this time. She is so stubborn. I guess I’ll have to do it. And find time to do some laundry. Oh, and actually prepare for the trip- it would be good to know when I arrive and which hotel to head out to.

If you happen to be in an airport in the next two weeks and see a woman dropping her things everywhere, it’s probably me. Say hello.



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5 responses to “Travelpalooza

  1. Mel

    Ooh-ooh! Are you going to the dinner tomorrow night?! I can potentially help you with some of your Cleveland plans! (also, not sure exactly when you’ll be there, but I’m going next weekend).

  2. I’ll see you at dinner! I’m in Cleveland the 13th thru the 17th. Hooray for an expert!

  3. I live in Philadelphia. House in South Philly, work in Center City (and beyond, provided you won’t be in the Northeast, I can get to where you are for lunch or coffee or something one day) If you’ll have me, that is.

  4. If you’re going to be in Cleveland on the afternoon of the 17th and you enjoy parades, you can join the drunken revelry of the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

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