A Love Letter to My Weekend

Dear weekend,

I love you so much. Why do have to leave me like this? After those great times we spent together, here I am in uncomfortable clothes at a desk. Come back for me, weekend! Whisk me away!

Remember how we started on Friday? How I came home from work and took a nice, long shower and set up my new iPhone and then stopped at the bar around the corner? And there you were, weekend, ready to hand me a bourbon. Wasn’t it fun when we entered the charity raffle and won a tube of strawberry Sweeten’d Blow? Funny, right?

Then Saturday rolled around and you were right there by my side. A nice long coffee and conversation with one of my favorite people. Weekend, you could do no wrong. Then we met BC for a quick beer and went home to play Angry Birds. That was great.

And even Sunday! Instead of spending the day on the couch, there was brunch and mimosas at the casino, followed by Ladies’ Day on the couch with the gang. Oh, weekend. And then a full weekend reenactment on FaceTime until bed.

Weekend, I love you. Why did you leave me?

I’ll be right here waiting for you, wearing uncomfortable clothes.


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One response to “A Love Letter to My Weekend

  1. Ha ha… too funny, and so true.

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