Pittsburgh Urbanity

So, thanks to Lora, I have a new addiction. After last post’s photos, she suggested I start an urbanity blog. Hers, the original Oh, the Urbanity, is chock full of pics of Philly and I just so happen to have reams of photos of little things that amused me in Pittsburgh. I had to accept the challenge.

If you’d like to see what I’ve posted so far, you can check it out over at Pittsburgh Urbanity. It’s my little photographic love poem to my adopted hometown. And there’s plenty to love about this place.

Thanks for the idea, Lora! I’m proud to be a franchisee.

In other expansions, Eleanor’s Trousers is now a .com of its very own. We’re big-time! Your regular old links (if you have them) should redirect you.

And I’m finally upgrading from a Blackberry to an iPhone this weekend. I’m tiptoeing into the modern era. On that note, if you have an iPhone and think I need some fantastic app or doohickey to go with it, now is the time to tell me. If you hate iPhones or Apple or wish I would have picked something else, it’s too late now. The money’s been spent. The check’s in the mail. The egg has hatched. What’s done is done. And so forth. And so on.



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4 responses to “Pittsburgh Urbanity

  1. I’m proud to have you in the ranks! Have fun with it, and enjoy seeing your town in a different light!

  2. Hooray for the iPhone! I just got one and love it. Though I can’t speak to any awesome apps. Mostly they’re just time wasters, not actual, useful additions 🙂

  3. Very cool photography blog. I’ve already bookmarked it. And congrats on your custom URL and your iPhone — I’m still waiting to get mine. Sigh.

  4. Since you like photography, you’ll have fun with the Hipstamatic and Instagram apps. I use my Yelp app all the time and try to add movies on the go to my Netflix queue with Phone Flicks, but it’s not always reliable. Have fun!

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