On Safari

Sunday was a beautiful day in Pittsburgh, so I took myself out for a day around the neighborhood with my notebook, a few good magazines, and my camera.

I stopped for milk at the store, popped my head into 720 Records for some reading material, and swung by Perk Me Up for a latte and a cranberry & orange muffin, which I ate in the sunshine. Then it was off to see what I could see on a long walk down to the river.

Once I made my way to the river, I took some time to stop and do some writing while the daylight lasted and to drink another cup of strong coffee to get my strength up for the Oscars (which were unsalvageable and dull… but never mind that). Let’s look at the river instead, shall we?

Ahhh, much better than Franco’s hosting job!  The light was fading, so I took a shot of Pittsburgh, then it was back home for the day.




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6 responses to “On Safari

  1. Heh. My friends own 720 and my husband works there sometimes. Small town… 🙂

  2. Awesome photos! I recently went on a weekend away and had hoped to share some artistic photos from that trip. Sadly they were all boring. I envy those who can take beautiful shots. Nice work.

  3. you need to start an urbanity blog! No one is in Pittsburgh!


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