Where Did the Time Go?

Is it just me, or has the universe sped up? Days and weeks seem to fly by, deadlines rush up and smack me in the face, projects linger unfinished while I try to catch my breath and see what is happening. I understand why people do yoga. A little time in the day just to breathe and take a minute. And I’d love to do yoga… if I could find the time.

So, to spoil myself a little, tonight was a night in. Just me, a few streaming shows on Netflix, a hot bath, and a pan full of brownies. A little time to take a deep breath and stop producing, producing, producing for a minute. To try to slow down the clock. And now, at 11, I wish I could just hit pause. There are books I want to read. Poems I want to write. Emails that need sent. And maybe just one more brownie that desperately wants to be eaten.

Then, when I hit “Play” after a good night’s rest and the world speeds back up to warp speed, I can go back to running along with everyone else. Tonight, carry on without me.



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2 responses to “Where Did the Time Go?

  1. Tam

    That sounds lovely. Enjoy the brownies & have a glass of wine for me! Thank you for sharing ~ T

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