Get In Shape, Girl

I love my couch. It is so conveniently close to my laptop, which I also love. Oh, and that pile of books and blank notebooks on the other end of the couch. A big comfy quilt to lounge under. A pile of throw pillows to prop up against. I could wear a groove in this cushion for the rest of the winter. I would prefer to do so.

But, as part of my “Make 2011 Great!” program, still a work-in-progress, I have sworn to spend a little less time on the couch. Do I have a work-out regimen in place and a January gym membership? Oh no. Instead, I’m trying to spend less time consuming. Not food. Stuff. Mental junk. Movies on Netflix, and endless reams of pop culture internet articles, and checking Facebook a thousand times per day, and whatever’s in my Hulu queue and on and on. Mindless surfing and time-wasting that eats up the time I want to spend doing other stuff.

The first goal of 2011 being great is that I spend more time making something and less time consuming things. So, in the interest of dragging myself out of that groove, I made myself a projects board that faces the couch. Nothing fancy- just a three-sided display board (like we used for the science fair in school), some Post-It notes in fun colors, and a Sharpie. Then I covered it with project ideas- crocheting another blanket for my niece, folding paper cranes, doodling, books and articles I’d like to write, places in my neighborhood that I’d like to check out, books I want to read. (The photo uploader is being weird, or I’d show you here; I posted it on Twitter).

Now, when I come home out of the cold, instead of trying to think of something to do and falling back into my old ways with a Veronica Mars marathon or a documentary, I can pick up a project and hit the ground running. At least, I hope that will be the result. My flabby brain muscles can use the workout.



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2 responses to “Get In Shape, Girl

  1. Very inspiring. If only I had your motivation. Good luck with it.

  2. Seems like a good plan! And I like the way you title this post, as if it’s about physical, not intellectual shape (I love twist endings)! I need to get in shape in both areas, though especially the physical.

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