2010- The Year in Review

I’m back, after a trip home to see my gorgeous six-month old niece in Atlanta (oh yeah, and the rest of the family), followed by a quiet New Year’s Eve, a New Year’s day hangover party at my house with four crockpots loaded with  lucky food and my tiny house spilling over with people, many of whom I didn’t even know this time last year. As I settle in and unpack my luggage, a wrap-up of the year that was 2010.

January: I made some resolutions. As usual, some were winners and some are going back on the list to try again this year. Wins: introducing BC to my family, taking a vacation with BC (to the Jersey shore), buying ornaments instead of knick-knacks when I travel, setting up a desk, reflecting on my values and goals. Not so win, but still in my thoughts: working on my credit, saving for a down  payment, buying more shelves and dressers, writing my book proposal, doing the laundry every week, general health/ exercise stuff.

February: I hit a weird patch of insomnia. Oh, and I gave you a list of all the craziness that can be found in my giant purse at any one time. Kind of a slow month. I blame the insomnia. And that blizzard.

March: In March, I wrote one post. One post?!?!? Dear me.

April: I talked about calling myself a writer. I had my wisdom teeth out, and ran into my ex while I was out with my giant chipmunk cheeks. I confessed that I do not have a green thumb. I threw myself a pity party. I decided I needed some style inspiration.

May: I became briefly addicted to Polyvore.

June: I realized I had been single and chaste for a long time. I contemplated being a single mother and the challenges that might come up. I admitted that I am no June Cleaver.

July: My ex and a big, bad spider drop in on me. On the same night. I got rid of my television (after it died).

August: I realized that living alone was making me a little crazy and confessed I was lonely. I made some crafty stuff for my house. I developed a do-it-yourself therapy kit. We talked superstitions. I worked on not trying so hard to be “normal,” whatever that is. I made a list of things I wanted and my life weirdly started coming together.

September: I went to the doctor a jillion times and learned that becoming a single mother was going to take more time than I had planned. I quit smoking.  I went to PodCamp and met 80% of the people who I hang out with now on regular basis. I dyed my hair purple by accident. I learned my lesson about listening to gossip. I got a little bit hysterical.

October: By October, I had started the 30 Days of Truth meme and had to write some hard posts. I admitted a cruel thing I did as a child. I forgave some people who I needed to and wrote about one of the worst times in my life. We talked about bad credit and predatory lending. I exorcised my ex mother-in-law-to-be.

November: I wrote about how impossible I find it to ask for help. I admitted that I don’t know a thing about music. I told the history of my friendship with BC, and the time we don’t talk about. I re-quit smoking (which is still, I confess, a work in progress). I planned a solo Thanksgiving. And then it ended up being a not-so-solo Thanksgiving.

December: I hated on snow (and dating), but decided maybe it was time to take a chance, even if I fell. I worried that every decision I had ever made in my life was a mistake. You all made my life infinitely better. And I had a birthday.

So, that’s been my last year. What was your biggest moment in 2010? What’s your big plan for 2011?



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3 responses to “2010- The Year in Review

  1. my biggest moment of 2010 was starting nursing school. nearly 3 years of waiting – totally worth it.

    as for 2011, I have a lot of hopes for making it my best year. I hope yours is wonderful as well!

  2. Kalleigh Hathaway

    My biggest moment of 2010 was probably meeting my future stepchildren for the first time, even as their mother tries to paint me as an evil homewrecker. Sigh.

    In 2011 I hope to return to blogging a little bit, at least only privately for my own sanity.

    Good luck with your new year!

  3. It was a great year for you! My 2010 was about pregnancy and 2011 will be about becoming a parent. Scary!

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