Solutions Present Themselves

Sometimes I don’t realize how lucky I am. Your comments on my last post continue to amaze me. You are all incredible.

Tonight, I had the lovely adventure of hosting a going away party for a dear Twitter friend here in Pittsburgh, and I realized again how blessed I am that so many people, effectively strangers, read about my life here and on Twitter and have chosen to participate, either through reading alone, or by offering their own very true life experiences as proof that I can get through the worst of it. I am so lucky to have you all.

My mood, well, let’s be honest. I’m still in a bit of a funk- unsure that I’ll ever live a life that is more than just me, writing to you all out in the ether, as my little ol’ semi-anonymous self. But, between your comments and seeing some of you in person here in Pittsburgh, just because I tweeted that someone was leaving town, I have a good feeling that I am part of something bigger than I am. That even when day-to-day life seems too much to bear, you are out there and care enough to share your own stories. I am so lucky, even with those of you who are still physical strangers, to have this odd community that the internet creates.

So, my update this evening is pure thanks. Thank you all. Thanks especially to those of you who have been reading through the ugly drama of the last few years and keep coming back. I can’t explain to you how much your comments mean to me. Really. You amaze me. Every single day.

I’m excited to get to work on making 2011 a banner year and seeing what all the world has to offer. Even more than that, I’m looking forward to following all of you. You continue to amaze me. I am so lucky to know you all. Thank you.



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5 responses to “Solutions Present Themselves

  1. Ugh. These funks are no fun. But it seems like you are maybe on your way out of this one? Even if you still feel like you’re in it. I hope, anyway!

  2. Ellen

    This heartens me, and it is nice to know that we all are part of something bigger (or be reminded of that fact). Here’s to a wonderful 2011!


  3. Thank YOU for all the honest, quirky and funny posts. Love reading them.

  4. Wasmyth

    I started reading this blog towards the end of your 30 days, I don’t remember exactly why but if you mentioned Djuna Barnes that’s exactly why. You’re way funny, and your posts have been a shine in my fairly drear emotional fall towards the solstice. I hope your hopes and prospects increase as the days lengthen.
    wes <-in which my parakeet makes a holiday suggestion

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