Thanksgiving: The Solo Version

This year, I am spending Thanksgiving alone.

Before you start to worry or think that I am crying in a bourbon over this development, take a deep breath. I decided to spend this Thanksgiving alone. On purpose.

Thanksgiving is, hands down, my favorite holiday of the year. Since I moved away from home ten years ago, it is the one holiday where I don’t have to travel anywhere, dragging suitcases through airports and worrying about flight delays and cramming myself into the “single lady” twin bed at Mom and Dad’s house. I don’t generally have Friday off, so flying home to Atlanta for one day is not even expected.

For the last seven years, I ended up cooking the meal. People groan on and on about having to cook a turkey and 90 side items and 6 desserts. But, whether I was cooking for just me and the ex, or for the ex’s whole family plus a gaggle of orphan friends, I love the cooking part. I love waking up early in flannel pj’s and putting the turkey in the oven while I watch the parade on t.v. and have a glass of cheap champagne. I love putting out my turkey-shaped salt and pepper shakers and turkey-shaped gravy boat and turkey-shaped confetti on the table.

Friends knew I didn’t have any guests this year- all the orphans got snatched up pretty early this season. And I got kind and sweet offers to go to three different family Thanksgivings- from a friend bringing a new boyfriend home for the first holiday (no thanks to being a third wheel on that trip), from a friend with a dramatic family situation (a little too tense for me), and from a person I’m just getting to know which probably would have been the most fun (but I’m car-free and too far away to get there on my own).

But, I’m looking forward to my favorite holiday anyway. I bought the turkey, and the cheap champagne, and the ingredients for the side items that I like. The flannel pj’s are freshly washed and waiting. The parade will be on in the background. I don’t have to watch football since neither of the two teams I care about are playing that day. I can even drag up my tiny plastic Christmas tree with no one groaning that it’s too soon.

If I burn the biscuits, no one will know. If the turkey takes an extra hour, no one will be complaining that they’re starving in the background. If I never change out of my flannel pajamas and take an extra helping of stuffing and mashed potatoes with an entire cup of gravy, no one is the wiser. And if I want to skip the heartwarming specials and watch ThanksKilling after dinner while I finish off that bottle of cheap champagne, no one else gets a vote.

May your Thanksgiving be exactly what you want. I am thankful for you.



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21 responses to “Thanksgiving: The Solo Version

  1. Kalleigh Hathaway

    What a wonderful post. I wish that all single women could take this as inspiration. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. This sounds lovely. I am thankful for you too!

    And, totally with you on the no-pressure thing. This will be the first Thanksgiving meal Torsten and I have ever cooked, and I am so glad it will only be us and we don’t have to worry about letting down a bunch of guests if it turns out to suck.

  3. Happy thanksgiving to YOU! I will be dog/house-sitting so in solidarity with you, on Thursday I too will wear flannel pajamas.

  4. TL

    This sounds lovely. Nothing like turkey to make your soul happy!

  5. Vicki Munn

    This does sound great! I love spending time alone… and I love your blog too, not sure how I got here… just clicking away!
    Happy Thanksgiving…

  6. williebob

    I’m in the dog-house, so my wife is staying home (her choice) and I’m going to celebrate with my family .

  7. Love this post. Have a very happy thanksgiving!

  8. I like this holiday for the food alone. No big plans but I made my mother’s stuffing, my favorite creamed onions and a tarte tatin. And of course, a bucket of cranberry sauce. I used to say this was my favorite holiday but the evil spectre of black Friday has made it something different.

  9. Haven’t been by in a while but I’m glad to see you’re still around and blogging. I’d forgotten how refreshing you can be.

    I hope your day is just what you hoped it would be and more. In case I get lost again, may this entire holiday season bring you great joys and wonderful blessings however you choose to spend them.

  10. It’s one of the hardest things, working out what it is that makes you happy, and then doing it.

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