This Time It’s For Real

So, remember that time I gave up smoking? And really and truly meant never to smoke again? I caved. I am a cavegirl. I gave in to an emergency cigarette here. Then a drinking cigarette there. Then a bunch of drinking cigarettes here and there. And now, I feel bad. Yes, I feel guilty for semi-un-quitting. But I actually feel bad. Physically. My throat hurts when I smoke the next day. And I hate the way my hair smells. I actually woke up from a dream with the words “Your hair smells bad,” ringing in my ears as if some spectral force wanted me to feel gross the minute my eyes opened.

So, since today is the Great American Smokeout, there’s no time like the present. The patch goes back on. Even if I’m cocktailing. The lighters go in the garbage. The eerie spectral voice can leave me alone from now on. You hear me, eerie spectral voice! I quit! Again! And my hair smells pretty fantastic.

Today’s 30 days of truth post is “something you can definitely live without.” I can live without smoking. In fact, I can live longer without it. And richer. And far, far away from that creepy voice guy.

In the meantime, if anyone else is ready to jump on the bandwagon with me, may I recommend Jim’s Guide to Not Smoking? I know I’ll be re-reading until I can make this thing stick. That and re-thinking a tweet I came across a few weeks ago (whose? I can’t even remember) and it’s been haunting me ever since: “Smokers: It’s 2010. Do you realize how stupid you look?”



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4 responses to “This Time It’s For Real

  1. Good luck! You’ve already fought a big part of the battle… I’m sure you can do it!

  2. Oregon Sunshine

    Good luck! I’ll be here cheering you on! Or if you need support. Or an intervention!

  3. mandy

    I’m a Pittsburgh native now living in Charleston, SC, but I wanted to delurk to give you my nonsmoking mantra: Just because you want to smoke doesn’t mean you have to smoke.
    I smoked off and on for ten years, but finally quit for good in 1995. I said those words to myself 100 times a day, and it did get easier. I also pretty much stayed away from bars and parties for the first couple weeks. Good luck!

  4. Good luck! You can do it. Give it enough time and eventually smoking will gross you out so much that you’ll wonder why you ever did it.

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