My Life Would Suck Without… Me?

The next topic in the “30 days of truth” calls for: someone who has made your life worth living for. Really? I was so relieved that Wide Lawns agreed with me that the topic itself is ridiculous.

Maybe if I had a child? Or a relative that couldn’t survive without my constant care? But otherwise, I suppose my life will have to be worth living without someone else as an inspiration. I guess I’ll have to be the someone to make my life worth living. Which is sounds exhausting and silly and like some sort of inspirational book title: “Living For Me: A Fulfilled Life Through Complete Selfishness,” or some such.

There are a few people who make my life more pleasant because they are in it, but it’s a little melodramatic to suggest that without them, there would be no reason to go on. Also, in my experience, putting that much of your happiness/ purpose in another person’s hands is dangerous. Call me a cynic. I am a bitter old broad. But people come and go. And in my count, especially lately, a lot more of them go than stick around.

Surly much? Well, it is Monday.



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2 responses to “My Life Would Suck Without… Me?

  1. These are my feelings on this subject: The only person I can’t really live without is myself. Because without me, I would have no life.
    Yes, there are people I care about and love very much, but I think that if one day they were never in my life, or never had come into my life, I would still continue living. My life slightly.

  2. Last sentence should read: My life would just slightly be different. I think faster than I type.

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