Fingers on Keys… And Go!

I’ve written ad nauseam about wanting to have a baby. For those of you who were so supportive during the testing stage, thank you. All of the results are in and according to my doctor, I got an A+ on every one! My withering bits aren’t withering yet, old lady or no, so I have a little more time to do the rest of the hoop jumping. Let me just say, that was the sigh of relief heard around the world.

Today’s 30 days of truth post calls for “something you hope to do in your life.” Since the baby business is covered, I thought I’d focus on the other big goal that keeps me up at night- writing a book. I actually hope to do more than write the darn thing; I’d like to see it published. In my lifetime.

Which is all well and good, but truth be told, I don’t  work on it nearly as often as I should. I have a desk job with a decent amount of downtime built in, but I spend an awful lot of it surfing the internet. I live alone without interruptions and watch all three seasons of Veronica Mars on Netflix. I’ve gotten in a decent weekend morning writing routine, but when it comes down to it, if I want to make this thing happen, only I can do it, and I need to do it more often. Signing up for a writing workshop has helped. I have deadlines to get assignments done and page minimums to work with. Still, no workshop can last forever and I need to stick my booty in the chair and write whether I have homework or not.

November is just around the corner, and as usual, I’ll be attempting NaNoWriMo– the annual madness of trying to complete a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. This year, after four attempts, I’d like to win the darn thing and have it done (minus the editing of course).

There’s no one to blame for my not doing it but myself. So, inspired by a quote I tacked up on the fridge, I’m sitting down today with my calendar and making appointments with myself to work on it. I fill up my schedule with everything else that I want to do, so making those appointments non-negotiable is a must. The quote? “A year from now, you will wish you had started today.”

It starts today.



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9 responses to “Fingers on Keys… And Go!

  1. I was actually JUST thinking about NaNoWriMo. I’ve never done it before, but also have dreams of writing a book. Like you, I live alone and I’m not even able to make time for the weekend mornings that you do! But, it’s definitely something I need to make more time for.

  2. Yayyyy for you! Glad all looks well on the babymaking front. Good luck with that book! Pre-baby time is probably a good time to really go for it with the writing.

  3. May I make some suggestions? If you are serious about writing a book, it needs to happen prior to baby. All bets are off with a baby, especially if plan to go ahead against my previous advice and have it by yourself.

    Instead of a novel, which has limited commercial aspects, how about writing a non fiction book about some thing that you are passionate about. You don’t even want to know the odds of successfully getting a novel published. They are much higher with non fiction work. If you write about something that you are passionate about, you will notice that you are more self disciplined about writing.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

    • John,

      While I appreciate your comments, at this point I have thought long and hard about the decision to have a child and am single and in my 30’s. The only option I have is to proceed solo or never have a child.

      As for fiction vs. non-fiction, I am very aware of the realities of publishing. I have published a chapbook of literary fiction and in some journals. I have friends who’ve had books that were bombs and friends that had books that were NY Times bestsellers. I’ve spoken to agents about the concepts and felt out the market. I’m not expecting to write the next Harry Potter or to make enough off a book to quit my job. I just want to write the story I have to tell and see it on a shelf. Nonetheless, I know the odds. I’m willing to take the chance.

  4. Good luck!

    I just signed up for NaNoWriMo and then I found your blog this morning. It’s a sign. I’ll keep you accountable!

    Looking forward to reading more.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth.

      I love the idea of your blog project. I’ll be following along as well. And yes, we should be NaNo buddies! You can find me over there under the username: eleanorstrousers.

  5. Good for you, girl! I imagine there are quite a few bloggers out there (myself included) who hope to one day write a novel; the number of people who actually have a plan to get it done, though, is probably much much much lower.

    Great quote, too.

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