The PodCamp Experience

Photo by Rob de la Cretaz

So, remember that time I complained that I was lonely? And the lovely Jennie told me to show up to a tweet-up? Well, it’s been quite a month since then- two tweet-ups, a brief rendezvous with some of the people I met there at Johnny Cash Day, and this past weekend- PodCamp Pittsburgh. What the heck is a PodCamp, you may ask? Let’s call it Mecca for social media junkies, a two-day free UnConference with panels all day ranging from basic blogging to complex social media for business.

The first session I went to was BurghBaby’s on finding topics to blog about 52 weeks of the year. You can find the slides here. I confess to not posting as regularly as I want to. I make lists. I take photos. I come home and watch Veronica Mars episodes on Netflix. She challenged me to set deadlines for myself. I think I can. I think I can.

Another real standout for me, was  Jay Fanelli and Rob de la Cretaz‘s session: How to Suck Less on Twitter. I jumped into Twitter without much of a strategy and have been indiscriminately following anyone and everyone. They suggested capping the people you follow around 200 so that you can develop real relationships. While I follow too many publishers for contest and submission updates to ever cut down quite that low, I was able to chop out at least 100 people I was following that I had no idea why I had followed them in the first place or who had dropped off in their tweets months ago. Voila! Much clearer stream already.

Finally, I got a chance to see Laura, from the Secret Agent L Project, talk about her journey starting with one act of kindness and now blogging an international kindness movement through her affiliated agents. If you haven’t seen her on CNN or read her blog, I suggest you head right on over there and sign up to be an affiliated agent and take on your own kindness mission. Her motto: Be kind. No exceptions.

The presentations were all recorded and live-streamed throughout and will be popping up in the next few weeks on the PodCamp Pittsburgh website.  Check back there if you want to see all the amazing folks I did and do some learning for yourselves. PodCamps spring up all over the country. If there is one near you, I insist you attend. No really, I insist.



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2 responses to “The PodCamp Experience

  1. I believe in you. Really!

    I have to admit, I’m -meh- about that 200 thing. I follow around 600, which I have found to be my personal limit for how much I can do a good job of really keeping track of. I think everybody has a number that works for them–for some it’s higher, for some it’s lower. Now, if you’re following 100000 people, I kinda think you’re doing it wrong, but whatever.

    • I would guesstimate that I’m only following around 250 – 300 actual people and doing a decent job of it. The rest is all news, publisher content, and whatnot. If I miss a few updates from those, I don’t consider it a major disaster. I agree though, if you follow everyone under the sun, there’s no way you can possibly keep up with everything.

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