More Free Jeans!

There will be an update on life in the Well of Loneliness, but first, a good thing that happened:

I came home from the beach to a package- a giant skinny denim poster tube. And inside, I found these:

My own free brand new pair of Gap’s fall legging jeans. One size smaller than I’d usually buy. I decided to try them on anyway. And oh my goodness. They fit. Like a glove. They needed rolled up at the bottom, but I’m five feet tall and even the shorter lengths always need rolled up- it’s a problem I’m used to having. Now, keep in mind. I’m no hipster. For one, I’m 33 years old and while I like to think I’m pretty cool, I’m not young enough to be “hip” anymore. I have renter’s insurance, for Pete’s sake. Also, at five feet tall and “curvy” (to be gentle on myself), I am not generally a person who roams the earth in skinny jeans. But these, well, they’re just so comfortable. They feel like really soft, worn denim, but have enough stretch that I can flop on the couch in any contortion without the slightest desire to peel them off and hop back into my sweatpants. These are jeans that keep my pants on. I kid you not. And living alone, I don’t have to wear pants at home very often… ahem.

I love the freebies I get being part of the Brand Ambassador program at Gap. Especially when they’re things I might not usually buy for myself. These jeans have given me a reason to buy boots this fall. And man, I love boots. I look forward to fall just as an excuse to wear boots. Between my muscle-y calves and thick jeans though, buying boots can be a challenge. But now that I have these, I think this may just be the year I put boots on until spring. I really like them that much. And they don’t even have the usual fitted jeans downfall. The rise is low enough not to make me feel like my grandma, and high enough that there is NO MUFFIN TOP. It’s a jeans miracle in my world.

So, because the Gap loves you too, they sent along another free jeans certificate. All you have to do is comment below with one thing you’re looking forward to this fall (fashion-related or otherwise). The random number generator picks our winner. And those of you who entered last time, will get another entry just for coming around again. So, get on it. And be sure you post using an email that you actually check, so I can let you know you won. Your entry deadline is Friday, August 20th at noon EST.



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27 responses to “More Free Jeans!

  1. I am looking forward to all of it- tights, sweaters, clothing that’s made for weather where it’s not sweaty hot and gross outside. I am over the heat and humidity of summer in a huge way.

  2. theresa

    I can’t wait to wear my boots to the racetrack, bet on some ponies and drink bourbon!

  3. Laurie

    Fall is the best time of the year! Also looking forward to sweaters, jeans, books…and the random summer breakouts (induced by disgusting Pennsylvania humidity) going away.

  4. Can I say I want those jean leggings? I would never believe in a product like that, but your description of it made me want to try them!

  5. Great jeans! 🙂
    One thing I look forward to in the Fall is the food-Pumpkins, apples, cinammon dishes, etc. Yum! I also love the colours of the leaves. 🙂

  6. I love boots and have an amazing pair that would look fab with some new jeans tucked into them!

  7. audrey

    I’m looking forward to boots and scarves and cute cropped jackets and layers!!

  8. Jen

    I can’t wait for sweaters and hot chocolate. I love the crisp fall air and getting all cozy!

  9. Ellen

    I am looking forward to everything pumpkin, other fall squash and the changing leaves

  10. Kate

    I’m sold! Sign me up!

  11. I love the first time I get to wear a sweater and I feel all cozy and warm.

  12. Jeans! Sweaters! Boots! Oh my!

    I’m looking forward to fall for oh so many reasons (the above three are definitely at the top of my list) but I’m gonna have to be a lush and say I’m most looking forward to… pumpkin ale. 🙂

    By the way, I’m a fellow larger-calfed (is that correct terminology?) girl who adores knee high boots but more often than not can’t find any cute ones that fit well. BUT, I just found these at Target this weekend, and they’re cute and comfy and I had to share.

  13. Oregon Sunshine

    I seem to only really buy clothes for myself in the fall. I think it goes back to school clothes shopping as a child. Oddly, I look forward to back-to-school every year, and not just because of my kids!

  14. Apple picking, of course! There is little better in fall than riding on a tractor, picking some crisp apples, and eating a warm apple-cider donut on the way out. …And it would be nice to have some comfy jeans to wear whilst doing it all…

  15. Oh my goodness, those jeans/leggings sound perfect. I love them already.

    This fall I am looking forward to my internship ending so that I no longer have to work 10 hour days 4 days a week to free up a day to be an intern.

    I am also looking forward to the weather, the ability to wear boots, leggings and sweaters, and the Big E. 😀

  16. andi

    I can’t wait for pumpkin spice lattes and football! as much as I love summer, football season steals my heart every year. 🙂

  17. Haha, some things must just be universal truths…lounging around sans pants? The best. Getting jeans that fit and feel awesome? Even better.

    This fall I’m looking forward to going back to college and moving into a room in a house with a bunch of archeology students.

  18. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving turkey! And apple pie. If I win the jeans, I promise to wear them ON Thanksgiving.

  19. Lora

    I am looking forward to shuffling through piles of fall leaves with my little Yorkie, Porky.

  20. heypgh

    I am looking forward to spending a Sunday watching (or pretending to watch) football while making something like a big pot of chili. Fall is cozy.

  21. mkr

    I’m excited to be able to walk from the metro to work without being covered in sweat. I’m also excited for my boyfriend to move here!

  22. Fall = hoodies = smiles

  23. Michelle

    I cannot wait for sweater season. OMG, I love sweaters. So much.

  24. Nadine The Minx

    This is so exciting! For fall, I’m loving slender jeans with tunic tops that have the tuxedo-style ruffles in the front. I will still be wearing and loving all of my shawls, but now I’m looking for a multicolored one made of recycled Sari yarn–even if I have to make it myself.
    The heat wave has broken in the beautiful city of Milwaukee and I’m just enjoying the moment–before the a/c goes on again.
    The Minx

  25. Free jeans? That’s awesome. I was pretty jealous of all the Gap magic being spread to BlogHer speakers but I’d probably find a way to get over it if I won.

  26. you had me at, “these are jeans that keep my pants on…”

    Winner or no, I’ve got to check these out. What a description!


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