If I’m in the House Anyway

Since, as I may have mentioned,  I’ve been holed up in my house quite a bit, I’ve gone on a tear of re-doing it a bit. The break-up left me with some furniture that was not quite my style- lots of dark wood and black leather, which looks a little morose in my tiny little townhouse. I decided on a discount-store binge to grab some paint and craft supplies and see what I could whip up to make it a little more cozy around these parts.

First, the coffee table. We bought a matching set from Target when we were setting up house, and I had a bunch of Asian-inspired stuff  I wanted to use to decorate. We ended up with this:

Which was all well and good, but really, the color is pretty close to the color of my carpet and those fun little grooves on top serve as the world’s best crumb-catchers. Scrubbing it down with a toothbrush and furniture polish left it raggedy looking and the ex during one of our wonderful morning screaming matches managed to put a foot through the particle-board leg which left an unpleasantly memorable hole. Which I had to look at every day when I got home. I decided it was cheaper to buy some paint than replace it entirely, and decided to go with cream to lighten up the room. I pasted over the hole with newspaper, spray-painted with primer and then hand-painted with interior wall paint. I figure if the paint chips, with the dark wood underneath, I should end up with “shabby chic”. Then I bought myself some flowers and threw on a pashmina I scored for five bucks. Now I have this:

Also, on my 101 in 1001 goals, I had listed that I wanted to take a sewing class. It just so happens, that I finally registered and after two Friday evenings, demonstrated my ability to use the machine well enough to whip up a throw pillow. I’m almost finished with a twin so that they can hop onto my couch. I love the retro bird fabric I found. For now it sits here:

And have I mentioned that I have a new niece, the lovely Butterbean? She’s adorable. See:

So, I decided to whip her up a blanket. My sister, who is not a fan of the pink princess mode of girl stuff, has willingly decided to use green and purple for the nursery instead. I found some baby yarn and decided to make a purple blanket for the little doll baby.

And finally, on the tour of what I’ve been up to, into the kitchen. I’m actually home and off the road for work and vacation for a few weeks, so I dredged up some groceries and recipes to feed myself and make a mess of my kitchen. I had a sack of peaches from my CSA this week, and they sent along a recipe for peach cupcakes with brown sugar cream cheese frosting. Delish. They turned out almost spice-cake-ish- and could easily be muffins without the icing, so I’ve been icing them for dessert and grabbing the plain ones in the morning. The recipe makes a ton- so I’ve also been trying to pawn some off on strangers.

Not bad for a few days work, if I do say so myself. I also ordered a slipcover for my hated black leather couch that should show up in the next week or so to cover its sticky cracked leather with a little more color. I’ll let you know how that experiment pans out.

If I’m going to be home, I might as well make it home-y. So far, so good.



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4 responses to “If I’m in the House Anyway

  1. I really like how you transformed the table. It looks so cheery. I also love the fabric on your pillow. SO cute! And your niece is adorable.

  2. I love the table and the pillow!

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