Wrapping Up Summer (and a giveaway)

A few weeks ago, I came home to one of my favorite surprises- a package at the door from The Gap as part of my participation in their Brand Ambassador program. Every now and then they send me new stuff to try out and leave it up to me what to say about it, or if I say anything. Little did they know I was planning a beach getaway, but inside was a cute little bucket and shovel and what I thought was a pair of jeans until I opened it up. Instead of jeans, it was the softest, thinnest faded-est denim jacket I have ever held in my hands:

Now, to be honest, I’m not much of a faded denim girl. I tend to take the standard “What Not to Wear” advice and stick to a nice dark wash that goes day into night. But this particular jacket was soooooo light, I figured I take it out for a spin on happy hour night with BC. He can always be trusted to affectionately mock bad decisions. And it did look really cute over my summer sundress once I had it on. I headed over to the bar and was so glad I had the jacket when I hit the ice-cold air-conditioned bar stool.

And BC entered, walked over, sat down, looked over and said, and I quote: “That’s cute.”

And that’s a good enough endorsement for me.

If you want one of your own, they’re on super sale right now so grab one up. (PS- Gap’s not paying me anything to sell the sale, and gave me the jacket for free, but I hate to skip out on a bargain!).

It’s heading with us to the beach tomorrow to throw on in the evening when it gets chilly after I spend the day in the sunshine trying to get my freckles to grow together into something resembling a tan.

We’ve spent the summer trying to do a lot of the things we always say we’re going to do every summer:

  • an outdoor concert (Roseanne Cash)
  • skipping work to ride rollercoasters at Kennywood
  • having a picnic in the park (with some forbidden cold beers… shhhh)
  • watching 4th of July fireworks on a rooftop
  • drinking champagne on a Saturday afternoon
  • and now, our getaway to the diners of south Jersey and the beach

So, because the Gap was kind enough to think of you all… I’ve got a gift certificate to give away to a random commenter. I’ll just use the random number generator to ensure fairness and justice all around. And because I want more ideas for the rest of my summer, all I want from you is a comment below with one thing you’ve done this summer or a summer activity I shouldn’t miss adding to my list between now and the fall. You’ll need to enter an email address you check for your email when you comment, so I can let you know when you win. Enter any time between now and Thursday the 12th at noon EST. When I get back, I’ll fill you in on the beach and let you know who the big winner is.

Good luck!



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24 responses to “Wrapping Up Summer (and a giveaway)

  1. Ooh, fun! I want to win! Let’s see, something I’ve done this summer: well, being pregnant, does that count? No? How about going to NC and gorging myself on all the restaurant foods I loved in high school? Except the sushi, tragically, but for obvious reasons.

  2. green

    One thing I’ve done this summer is TEMP! Yay for earning money.

  3. z.

    Hmm. Coney Island Mermaid Parade. And weekend before last, we drove 1600 miles round trip over a three day weekend. That is NOT a recommended summer activity. 🙂

  4. I’ll be heading to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco tomorrow with a couple of old friends, hopefully gonna score some clam chowder in a bread bowl and play old videogames in the arcade!

    Have a rad summer!

  5. Moi… I’ve been to the Night Market festival here. Great fun! Lots of good snack food like dragon’s beard candy and potato twirls on a stick.

  6. I rode my bicycle 220 km to raise money and awareness to conquer cancer. This also had me camping in a pup tent one night and never again will I do that! It was an amazing experience, not only finding out what my body can accomplish, but also the stories from the other riders I met on the journey (there were over 1600 of us). My team raised over $20,000 (Canadian) for this and I am so proud. Best summer moment ever.

  7. Hitting up the free NYC Philharmonic concert in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park was pretty epic for me this summer, but I also loved, loved, loved my one night in Provincetown. Provincetown is the best place on earth.

  8. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to win such a great gift! We have spent most of the summer visiting local festivals, scouring yard sales for vintage treasures, picnics at the lake and my favorite… the drive-in theater. If you have a drive-in near you I highly recommend going. 🙂

  9. Jordan P

    One thing I did is pack a lunch and go to a children’s festival in the park with a book and a girlfriend. We people watched all day long!

  10. Ryan G

    I got together a frisbee game with all my friends!

  11. Andrea

    This summer I’ve seen Lisa Lisa (of Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam) sing at an Italian feast in the North End (of Boston, that is), and this week I will be heading down to Florida for the Star Wars convention (this is incredibly nerdy, I know, but the pictures that come out of it will be hilarious!)

  12. Dana

    I took my kids to the waterslides on the boardwalk!

  13. Denise

    Go to a flea market! It’s a great day trip and really fun to find some hidden treasures….or just to laugh at some of the wares that are being sold 🙂

  14. courtney

    lazy innertubing down a slow-moving river (with beers in a cooler wedged into its own innertube!)…….

  15. heypgh

    I finally got myself to the North Shore to kayak. It was lovely.

  16. Ashleytwz

    One thing I have done this summer was: I attended the Big Groove Dance Concert. My favourite dance crew, Quest crew, performed that night! Their dance is really mind blowing! 😀 Check them out if you have time!

    If they happen to visit your place, make sure you don’t miss their show! It will be awesome!

  17. unbearable heat here…so i have taken to walking the dogs..at night… the city gets so quiet… and ive decided i look better in moonlight anyway! ~

  18. meeyeehere

    I had a birthday party for my little guy.We had a blast.

  19. sabrinas

    Busy summer! Sent off the final edits on a book chapter I was co-authoring, taken 3 intensive courses (Public Health, Biostatistics, and Epidemiology), Finished my Comprehensive Exams for my PhD (well, come 8/19!), super improved my diet, gotten into a fight with my landlord and now it’s awkward, been to Connecticut, made my own cerviche.

  20. jen

    i have been trying my entire life to get my freckles to grow into one giant one thus resembling a tan…still no luck…

  21. Our summer adventure began with us in Los Angeles, where we hung out with great friends who shared their lives with us for a few days.

    And in a few weeks, we end our summer in Florida, celebrating my parents 40th wedding anniversary by getting the whole family together and surprising our parents with a photographer who will take a family portrait.

  22. Sarah Q

    This summer, I took a week off from work just to take some time to myself. No where to go, nothing I had to do, just 5 lazy summer days in a row. It was blissful.

  23. Dana B

    @yay_toast here… I turned 30 this summer, which has proven to be the same as 29, 24 and just a little different than 21 . I’ve been having many adventures, but saving the rest of the birthday celebration until October, when i will spend five days with good friends and my parents at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Because I’m 30 going on 7.

  24. AutumH

    Hope I’m not too late but one of the things we’ve done this summer is take swimming lessons and go camping with friends and family.

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