Killing My Television

I’d been meaning to cut back on how much tv I watched after work. Really I had. And my cable package, with movie channels and a DVR, and the works was NOT helping me save money for vacation this summer, or a car, or a house, or a kid, or all the big expenses I plan to need some money set aside for. So, maybe it was a sign when the tv gave up on me the other night.

For the meantime, I’m not replacing it.

After wrangling with Comcast for thirty minutes, I’m keeping my internet and local channels (which I can watch on teeny tiny tv from my spare bedroom instead) and saving $110 a month by losing my home phone and the rest of the tv bells and whistles. That’s $1,320 a year. And if I find I’m not even watching the little tv, I’m ditching that too. I don’t have a DVD player at the moment, so replacing with Netflix is out of the question.

I have a house full of books, piles of them I still need to read. I can walk to the library. I can cook myself dinner instead of zoning out to Oprah on the DVR and microwaving something. I can work on my novel more. I can go see my friends, go the movies, clean my disaster of a house, spend a little more time on personal maintenance, call my mom, go to a ballgame, take a walk, do some laundry, surf the internet, plan a vacation.

Yes. I need to make lists. I should also probably buy a radio. To keep me company. Living alone and without the television for a while is a good thing, but it makes for a quiet, quiet house.

I’m taking suggestions- what else should I do while I don’t watch tv?



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8 responses to “Killing My Television

  1. I know you’re looking for non-TV suggestions, but don’t forget Hulu!

  2. sabrinas

    um well there is streaming netflix on the interwebs. that’s how i watch TV. it’s nice cause at least when you watch it you’ve decided to, instead of just plopping down and finding yourself still there 4 hours later!

    boardgames are awesome. there is a who;e world of grownup boardgames that are amazing! check out pandemic, last night on earth, ticket to ride, apples to apples, all fun! i have also gotten into card games and mahjong. mahjong is in essence a lot like gin, only with nifty tiles. cook up some dumplings, get some strong booze and have a ‘jong night!

    you also don’t need to rely on reality tv for wierd competitions; my pals and i have also had ethnic cook offs, such as a korean vs jewish brisket-off.

    Dance dance revolution (on the lil tv–if you don’t have a playstation get the ps2, it’s super cheap)

    that’s all for now!

  3. A Super Girl

    I grew up on cable, but when I moved out on my own, I couldn’t justify the expense. That was 4 years ago and I haven’t looked back. Sure, weekends are rough when the only thing playing on local channels are infomercials…but it does cause me to read more. Or kill time on the Internet. Which is not a good habit, but I like to think it’s better than killing time with reality TV. Also, I do have a rather ridiculous Netflix package, which helps on those horrible infomercial days.

  4. Love that picture – brilliant!

    Yes, I too keep meaning to cut down on my tv watching so that I can do all those things you suggested as well as; take a dance class, join a sports team, enrol in an arts class, learn to cook, finish those started scrap books, make jewellery items with all the beads in the bottom of the box, the list is endless. But I sure hope my tv doesn’t die (that suxs), must ease into these things slowly.

  5. I grew up without cable and after moving out on my own and receiving free basic cable for the past couple of weeks I wish it would go away. I get stuck watching crap like Family Feud instead of doing everything else I’d wanted to be doing. Other things you could be doing?
    -Exploring your city
    -Go to a museum/art gallery
    -Sit at a coffeehouse and read/people watch
    -Window shopping for baby clothes
    -Long bike rides
    -Organizing your piles of piles
    -Cleaning out your closets/drawers
    -Volunteering at an after school program or soup kitchen

  6. Janeoir has really great non-TV-watching suggestions. How about also maybe taking an art class, like pottery making, photography, mosaics, etc.?

    Let me add you’re much braver than I am. Even with a baby on the way, I don’t think I’d survive without my TV/DVR. Of course, at the rate I get to actually watch recorded shows, it won’t be much of a change once the kid arrives.

  7. sabrinas

    ooh also, great way to save $ and lose weight and feel amazing is to cook most of the food you eat. i’ve been doing it and it is actually disturbing how much better i feel, like i can’t believe that my beloved entemmans chocolate doughnut breakfasts and mcdonalds lunches made me feel THAT moodswingy and lethargic. but it does take some time and planning to cook enough and well that you are satisfied and not bored. time you will now have!

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