Weekend Wrap Up

The usual Monday post, the weekend’s adventures:

  • returned from DC at midnight on Friday and met BC and the boys out on the town for a night of cocktails and dancing until 4 am.
  • Saturday- spent the morning writing and sending out some fiction and poems into the world, then headed to the park to plop on a blanket with BC and read/ watch the most amazing sunset. Our friend D joined us for a big helping of fries from “The O” in Oakland and couching a few episodes of Ru Paul’s Drag Race.
  • And Sunday? Woke up for coffee and the New York Times, toured the Vanka murals at St. Nicholas’s with BC. Popped over to Chili’s for dinner, then onto my couch to watch Treme. And to cap it all off, BC and I started with champagne and followed with a large dollop of bourbon.  

Which means that right now, I could use a weekend to recover from my weekend.


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One response to “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. sabrinas

    sounds amazing! grad school, which i am in, has filled every weekend with not-the-things-in-your-post. someday!

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