Seven Items of Randomness

Thanks to Grumpy Young Lady, I am glad to randomly post seven new pieces of randomness about myself:

  1. I get to go to DC for work next week and despite three years living there, I’m looking forward to DC spring. Most of all, I want some tasty empanadas and a policy-overloaded happy hour.
  2. I am saving for a down payment on a house and a car, but I can’t resist my friends’ new book releases and Community Coffee. Chicory coffee and good new releases from independent publishers are my weakness.
  3.  I have to give myself yoga-type lectures to talk me out of stressing about things that haven’t happened yet.
  4. My DVR has an unreasonable amount of “Will & Grace,” “Ghost Whisperer” and “16 & Pregnant” saved.
  5. I want to move to New Orleans- if I can convince BC, my best friend, to join me.
  6. If I could talk my boss into it, I would telework in a heartbeat.
  7. And finally, I confess. I take cabs to work three days a week when I oversleep. Au revoir, budget.

What other secrets do you want? It’s all yours.



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2 responses to “Seven Items of Randomness

  1. Kalleigh Hathaway

    I LOVE 16 and Pregnant. So far, that seems to be the only thing you and I have in common after most of a year of reading you, but I still enjoy!

    But thanks for mentioning – I’m now hooked.

  2. Can’t say I blame you. Love to love New Orleans, but…
    Last time I was there, police stopped us, asking, “Did you hear, from which direction did those gun shots come?” Not fibbing. Crime is holy hell high. But they do lure you in with food, hooch, architecture, and music. Did I mention the food?

    Also, I was a cab girl, too.

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