Why I Love My CSA

I finally signed up for a CSA, after years of planning to do it so I could get some tasty local produce into my diet. Two weeks in, after getting apple cider, cheeses, greens, root veggies, eggs, and many more, I am totally spoiled by my own local dinners.

For instance? I cooked up this tasty dinner of from-scratch scalloped potatoes with local cheese, honeyed carrots, spinach salad with mushrooms and feta, and banana bread. Just for me- because I deserve a delicious local dinner all my own. Thirty minutes later and I am one happy camper.



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4 responses to “Why I Love My CSA

  1. This is awesome. We want to join a CSA but all the ones we could find in the area were expensive and so far it’s been more cost-effective to buy a la carte at the local farmer’s market. Once we have kids a CSA might make more sense though. I’m hoping!

    • Bummer about the price, Jess. I did the math on mine in Pittsburgh and came out at just a little under $100 a month. I figure if I skip on groceries and takeout and eat more produce instead (which has happened so far), I’m ahead of the game.

  2. jiveturkey

    I thought about joining CSA this year, and part of me REALLY wants to (especially after sampling a friend’s CSA strawberries last year, HOLY SHIT), but the other part of me is worried that I’ll just end up with 3 pounds of rotten kale in my fridge because I won’t find the time to use/cook everything.

  3. ris

    I’ve always wanted to join a CSA but am also afraid that I won’t be able to eat/recognize the stuff I get and that it’ll all go to waste.

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