Inspired Style

Sometimes, a girl needs a makeover. And when I start to feel like a frump, I start with the classics. The ladies that make me sweat a little by pulling off the basics with style. The ones who spent a little time pulling it together so they could rip into the world with their teeth. My go-to broads? 


Elizabeth Taylor as Maggie the Cat- sweaty, sultry, and naked-er in a knee-length slip than any porn star. 


The penultimate girly beatnik- Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face- all black and jazzed. 


Anais Nin – the gypsy writing her own rules – lovers, scandal, and a diary worth reading. 


Trite and true, Coco Chanel dripping in pearls. 


And for a modern girl, the fabulous Selma Blair in fishnets and bedhead. 

It’s time to spend a little more time putting myself together- if nothing else, maybe I can fake it until I make it.



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6 responses to “Inspired Style

  1. ris

    Sometimes dressing up makes me feel glamorous and prettier than anything else can. It’s worth the extra prep time to me to turn heads all day and put a little spring back in my step.

  2. These are some awesomely inspirational women. I would add Audrey Tatou to my own personal list.

  3. Oh god, I so feel you. But I am broke broke broke and Old Navy basics are just not doing it for me these days.

  4. Okay, not to sound all stalker-y but we could totally be friends.

    (yeah, that sounded stalker-y)

  5. So with you on the Anais Nin comment. What a goddess. Henry and June is one of my all time favorite reads.

  6. I wore my hair down today instead of in a ponytail. EVERY person in my office commented on it. Even a couple of my patients…one that didn’t even speak much English. He managed to say, “Trying a new look today?” So my hair hasn’t been down since December…sue me! The bad part is that is really didn’t take that long to do!

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