Spring Cleaning

Because the weather has been too beautiful to justify being inside, I haven’t exactly been playing Susie Homemaker much around the old homestead. Laundry is piling up in the hampers, on the stairs, and even, yes, in the dining room. The dishes could use some attention. The books and magazines I keep meaning to get to, well, they’re feeling a little neglected. Truth be told, the house is starting look like someone broke in and was desperately looking for something. My home could easily be the opening setting  for a very special episode of Law & Order.

So, what I have been doing instead? LIVING. It’s this lovely thing, where I go to work, decide what I’d most like to do, and just go do it. Whenever possible, it involves sunshine, cocktails, and BC. And laughing until my stomach hurts. Friday, I made my way over to Gist Street  to see a poetry reading, then danced until I was good and sweaty at 80’s Night, then continued the dance party into the wee hours at our favorite dive-y after hours spot. Saturday, a pilgrimage to the Waffle House for hangover food, blankets in BC’s yard with a gang of drop-in friends, Mexican, and ended the day on the couch watching  The Hangover.  And Sunday?  Sipped coffee over the New York Times and then gained 19 pounds gorging myself on ham, three kinds of potato, and chocolate cheesecake at BC’s parents’ house for the Easter festivities.

In other words? I have done nothing useful except making myself entirely happy. And since I haven’t been home, I haven’t had to worry about the mess. I’m not sure Martha Stewart would approve, but you know what? I approve. And Spring? Keep it coming, baby. The other stuff can wait until those April showers rear their ugly heads.

Until then, I’ll be the short redhead, laughing and dancing, cocktail in hand.



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8 responses to “Spring Cleaning

  1. Oh, I like your priorities. Sounds like things are going well for you!

  2. I agree with Jess. You definitely have your priorities straight. I’m glad you are able to just sit back and enjoy life. That is the whole idea after all.

  3. ris

    Sounds like my kind of spring!

  4. “The Hangover” is a mood changer…and gives me an idea!!!! Not drinking…or taking roofies.

  5. Thanks for replying on my blog. It’s nice to see a new face.
    Oh, spring cleaning…I’m trying to really stick to it for the first time…but oh, being outside in the sunshine after such a winter sounds much lovelier!

  6. Great post, very inspiring. We all get caught up in the things we ‘must’ and ‘have’ to do that we forget to just live and enjoy life. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Can I spend next weekend with you? I need a bit more fun in my life.

  7. I have a pile of laundry and house projects as well, and for the same reason. Eh, whatever. Live it up.

  8. I like the way you live – keep at it 🙂

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