Me and My Llama

Am I the only person haunted fairly frequently by the “Me and My Llama” song from Sesame Street? The one where the girl and her llama are “going to the dentist to-day-ay-ay-ay”? Maybe so. Regardless, it was the first thing that popped into my head as I brushed my teeth this morning. Because, today I went to the dentist, albeit sans llama.

For those of you with longterm excellent insurance, this is probably no big deal. You probably go every six months like clockwork, have your cleaning, and head out the door with a sparkling smile and a new toothbrush. But this girl? Well, it’s been a while. OK. It’s been eight years. EIGHT years.

The last time I popped in to get my chompers checked out, I had a temporary job that came with dental insurance. And the dentist berated me for not going every six months, made fun of me for being not-so-hot at the x-ray thing, and I may have, um, thrown up on him a little. Overall, it was not my most shining moment.

My current job has great insurance- the kind I feel lucky for every time I hear Congress debating healthcare reform and cringe a little for not using mine more regularly for maintenance. I’ve had the dental insurance alone for almost three years and paid a lot in premiums not to use it. But, one of the things on my pre-baby checklist is getting the ol’ cuspids in working order, so with a recommendation from BC, I headed out to see just how bad the news would be.

And, well, it’s not great. It turns out, I should have had the wisdom teeth yanked years ago, so that’s two that have to go. Plus another four in the back that I ground down over two break-ups and law school. Oh, and next week, a root canal. I think they just decided to throw in the root canal for free once I agreed to send the dentist’s great-grandchildren to Harvard on my dime. It didn’t help that the whole time the dentist kept raving about BC’s teeth- they’re perfect, apparently. My best friend is clearly sucking up to the dentist.

But, actually, it’s not so bad. I have insurance. And many Americans don’t these days. I used to be one of them. So, while I’m not looking forward to spending lots of time eating soup and smoothies and my entire spring wardrobe budget on teeth, it could be a lot worse.

Me and my llama will be spending a lot of time together.



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10 responses to “Me and My Llama

  1. I am grateful for my awesome medical and dental insurance every single day. Every day. And I don’t understand why we can’t all agree that everyone deserves insurance like this so that if they have a problem, they can get it taken care of, and so that they can get regular care that prevents problems to begin with.

  2. no, it’s not just you.

    My god, that song has been in my head everyday for thirty years. And thankfully, that skit (is it considered a skit if it’s on Sesame Street?) isn’t on the reruns.

    The other one that plays in a loop that no one else seems to remember is the one that goes “the mail must go through. The mail must go through. No matter if it rains or snows, the mail must go through”

    Anyone, anyone?

    You are doing the right thing by taking care of that now, because your teeth and gums can get wonky when you are pregnant

  3. Sarah663

    I just went for the first time in eight years too – I feel ya!

  4. Jenny

    Oh my word, this scares me. It’s been that long since I’ve been to the dentist as well. I’ve got great medical coverage, but no dental. And I HAVE to go soon. I know I have at least one cavity, and now I have a broken tooth in the back.

    SOOOO scared of how much this is going to cost. 😦

  5. Nicole

    I’ve never posted a comment before, but I felt compelled to do so today. As someone who has had some very bad dentists (who happened to come with glowing recommendations from friends) I would suggest that you get a second opinion, especially before having this much work done. Your insurance may not pay for the 2nd opinion, but it could be absolutely worth it.

  6. missprint

    I didn’t even know there was a llama song, live and learn. Dentists are very low on my list of favorite places to be as well. On the bright side, ice cream and milkshakes are very soft foods. Good luck.

  7. i went to the dentist yesterday too…must be something in the air. i actually don’t mind it b/c i feel bad that dentists have the highest rate of suicide of any profession. i can’t help but think as i lay there, ‘i wonder if dr. b is going to off himself.’

  8. I have terrible teeth and terrible insurance. It is not a good combo.

  9. I have terrible teeth and great insurance that I haven’t used in 6 years. Well, I did try to go to the dentist last year & it was a ridiculous experience that would take too long to write about in a comment box.

    PS- thanks for following on twitter! my daughter’s name is eleanor so you caught my eye. hi! 🙂

  10. I’m so glad you posted a link. I DO remember that video… what a freaky llama. It looks like he went to the eye doctor, too, and they only dilated one of his pupils. 🙂

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