OK. yes

I get you. No one is as excited about my womb as me. No mommyblog enthusiast can even begin to understand the excitement when you are a single lady in your mmmthirthies whose gay best friend is willing to co-parent a child. And to start trying this fall. I get it. I am a woman with a one track mind.

But nonetheless. We had the most amazing talk tonight which just reaffirmed everything, including an October start date. So, yes, I’m a woman with a baby track mind. So sue me. Our kid is gonna be better than yours. Because I am a career woman in my thirties waiting to have baby with my gay best friend. And I heart you all. But my life is pretty great right now.



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9 responses to “OK. yes

  1. You know this is awesome, right? 😀

  2. I also think this is awesome and exciting and inspiring. Go you! Yay for babies!

  3. So thrilled for you. And I am ready for all the thick mucus and heartburn talk! Bring it on!

  4. There is nothing more exciting than the months leading up to the day you start trying to get pregnant. Until the day you find out you are pregnant and there is nothing more exciting than that excitement.
    I am so happy (and excited) for you!

  5. Oh, I soooo know the feeling. So happy for you!

  6. holy crap I’m so excited for this.

    I just typoed “wholly carp I’m exited oft his”

    It’s freezing in here and I’m really psyched for you guys. The combination has rendered me senseless.

  7. This is so exciting!! You’re going to have the time of your life so if you want to scream from the rooftops, then you go ahead!

  8. i applaud your courage. i’m 39, no husband and that clock is just about out of batteries. best of luck and i hope you don’t mind that i added your blog to my blogroll.

  9. Yeah! Do it! How exciting!

    I have to argue with your point that your kid will be better than mine, thought. Two mommies beats 1 gay + 1 straight anyday. 😛 haha.

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