The Things She Carried

I ran into a bar acquaintance of mine at the pharmacy a few weeks ago. You know how it’s hard to place familiar faces outside of the place you usually see them? One of those moments. Once I’d finally figured out who I was talking to, he commented, “Oh, I knew it was you. You look like your usual bag lady self.” Ouch. To be fair, he didn’t mean it unkindly. I take the bus everywhere, and what other people put in their car trunk tends to end up in a giant purse or on heavy days, in its friend, a gigantic Fossil tote bag. Or, if I’m making a store run, like that day, in both, plus random shopping bags piled around my feet.

I have never been one of those women who can get by with just a cute little clutch for the day. I’m high maintenance and a good little girl scout- always prepared. So, let’s see what made into today’s bags, shall we?

  • Two Blackberries- one for work, one for personal calls.
  • One pair elbow length grey cashmere gloves
  • One change purse, blue, with robots
  • A pair of sunglasses, purchased in an airport
  • A digital camera
  • My wallet- a gigantic one I bought off  Etsy and can’t live without (like this one, but black and white). 
  • A signed copy of Margot Livesey’s novel  The Missing World.
  • A beat-up 8×10 blue notebook for when I get brilliant writing ideas.
  • An aqua-colored umbrella.
  • My keys.
  • A makeup bag containing: Black eyeliner, Smashbox tinted moisturizer, Diorshow mascara, Nars blush in Orgasm, a blush brush, an eyebrow pencil, a neutral lipliner, Sephora mineral matte powder, three lipglosses, two lipsticks, a concealer stick, Carmex, and a spare pair of contacts.
  • A pair of Nikes for the commute.
  • A 3×5 notebook for my to-do lists.
  • A day planner.
  • All of my mail for the last week, so I can get organized at lunch.
  • A spare black scarf, for when it gets really cold.
  • And a copy of Sam Savage’s  The Cry of the Sloth  (also signed).

OK. I know. I am out of control. And to be fair, today would probably count as a light day. Heaven forbid I had anywhere to go after work. In the interest of not being completely hunched over in my old age, I need to reign it all in a bit.

But, be honest, what randomness are you lugging around?



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11 responses to “The Things She Carried

  1. in my bag i keep, winterfresh gum(always a new pack), 3 pens(blue, black and Red.), a pricing guide for N.E.S. Games, and a pair of gloves. Not quite as wild as your bag. 🙂

  2. i have a swiss army knife attached by a lanyard to keys from my previous job, one i haven’t been working at in three years…

  3. My bags (yes, plural, handbags and shoes are the shopping manna of the plus-sized) are relatively uninteresting in their contents. Besides an alarming number of tampons and fuzzy lip balms, I always have a diary/agenda/daytimer, whatever those things are called, in my purse. This is only funny in that I never actually use the thing and am famous for double -booking myself.

    Now, my car, on the other hand, is a repository for all kinds of interesting stuff. Cds, a library of books, towels, several pieces of wood specifically purchased for printmaking projects that never came to fruition, a few random pieces of hardware, at least two spring coats, the contents of my desk from at least two prior jobs, etc. This is why my dad calls it my PurseOnWheels.

  4. I don’t carry much. I have done an excellent job streamlining in this regard. In fact, I often don’t even bring my purse places. This began when I started bringing Montana to the dog park and didn’t want to have to hold a purse the whole time. So I often leave the house with just BlackBerry, lip balm, keys, license, and one credit card. That’s really all I need 95% of the time.

  5. This is absolutely ridiculous. You should be ashamed of yourself! You go to the trouble of carrying around a spare set of contacts but don’t have saline or eyedrops? Come on! 🙂

  6. a bunch of crap, every piece of it I use at least twice during the day.

  7. S

    I keep three lipsticks of three different shades in my bag. I never use them.

    It’s funny you have seasonally conflicting items in your purse – sunglasses and elbow length gloves?? You ARE prepared!!

  8. missprint

    I always have a Swiss Army knife which no one believes I really need (but I use constantly), a digital camera, ipod, book and even an extra reusable bag or two on me at all times. My mother is always horrified by how heavy my bag gets.

  9. Hahaha. Sounds just like my bag, minus the Nikes and Day Planner. I’m sure everyone has suggested this to you already but you could ditch the planner and use the blackberry instead.

  10. Kay Kelly

    You do not need a purse you need a
    U-haul, or red wagon.

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