Delirious Tuesday

I am an outstanding sleeper. I can sleep on airplanes, in brightly lit rooms, in front of tv’s or not, in library cubicles, on beds, on couches, on the floor, in flannel pj’s, nighties, nekkid as a jaybird, alone or next to others, and in hotels around the country. It’s a point of personal pride. It’s a talent. And one that i enjoy using to its full potential.

But something is wrong in Slumberland. For the last two nights, I go up to my cozy warm bed as usual, read for a few minutes as usual, turn out the lights as usual, and then… nothing. I toss. I turn. I stare at the wall. I drift off only to wake up twenty minutes later, cursing the clock across the room. I try turning the heater up, then down. I face the wall, I face the window. I build a friend to curl up with out of pillows. And still- I feel like I’ve lost my mojo.

A few weeks ago, I had the same problem for a few days, but I reasoned it away. I got a lot of sleep over the weekend and wasn’t tired maybe? I had too much Diet Coke before bed. Maybe I was more stressed about work than I was willing to let on? But it passed as the week wore on and I got progressively more exhausted. Now, I’m starting to wonder what’s up. And my under-eye bags are packing for Florida.

Any ideas for the perfect wind-down routine, fellow insomniacs? I am starting to trip over my own feet with fatigue (true story- my graceful self splayed in the Target aisle last night to BC’s concerned amusement). I’m not much for caffeine after work, so that shouldn’t be the problem. What’s your nightly wind down? I’m willing to take any and all suggestions.

Or, this may become a blog about pink elephants.



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6 responses to “Delirious Tuesday

  1. I usually write in my journal, or if I’m not tired and I know I should be sleeping… I force myself to do something so boring that I have no other option than to tired of it and get drowsy.

    Are you moving around enough? Sometimes if you don’t use enough energy during the day you aren’t tired enough to fall asleep at night.

  2. Oh, this sucks. I haven’t had this problem so I don’t have a solution. Though I have read in magazines that one thing to do is to use your bed only for sleeping–not reading, blogging, etc.–so that your mind associates getting in bed with going to sleep.

  3. I am a lifelong sufferer of insomnia so I know all the things one is supposed to do but so far they either don’t work or I suck at following directions (probably the latter)
    1. Exercise but never after 5 PM
    2. No caffeine in the PM
    3. Limit sugar and alcohol in the evenings (this is hard)
    4. Develop and stick to the same night time routine every night. On the weekends, don’t sleep in longer than an hour so.
    5. Nighttime routine should include about an hour (before bed ) of winding down. No TV and the internet are big ones. Read, take a shower, stuff like that.
    6. Like Jess said, bed is only for sleeping, so don’t do anything else in it. If you can’t sleep after like 20 minutes get up and do some kind of quiet activity (no TV or computer) until you are ready to try again.

    Can you see now why I have failed miserably to master this thing? 😉

    Oh, and I used to take serotonin which worked great but it had this nasty side-effect of giving me horrific nightmares, so I had to stop.

  4. is it considered cheating to suggest tylenol pm? thats my way to wind down, otherwise my mind continues to race and if i am awake i should/must be doing something productive!

  5. Hmm, maybe you are just getting some practise in for you future sleepless nights 😉

  6. I have a prayer I was taught as a child that I put on Repeat when I can’t fall asleep, or if I wake in the night.

    In other words, I find something I can Repeat, and nothing more is allowed to go on in my Mind.


    I have a mantra, too, from my Ayurvedic days; I’ll interchange the two, on Repeat.

    I fall asleep if I do not allow myself to think anything but this.

    Or, a few years back, I would not allow myself to close my eyes. I treated them like a child: Fine, you want to stay up? Then stay up, and I would stare at the ceiling, but only with the prayer or the mantra for thoughts.

    The kid would fall asleep.

    Good luck.

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