The Perfect Weekend

Filling a weekend without obligations is like shopping without a budget- go big or go home. Here’s what landed on my plate this past weekend:

  • Met up with BC for a few drinks and some serious dancing to a basement jukebox on Friday night.
  • Saturday- woke up early-ish and met up with BC again- hit an antique store where I picked up a groovy old walnut desk for $80, walked around in the sunshine at the outdoor booths in the Strip District, ate pad thai on a curb in the sun, headed down to the river for a nice long walk on the shore, grabbed some bourbon and a bottle of champagne and sat by his friends’ backyard firepit until late, then out for more dancing.
  • Sunday- oooh. The champagne hangover. Couched with Buffy reruns and roasted a chicken and some carrots until bedtime, watched the Saints win the big game.

All in all, probably the most lovely weekend I have had in recent memory. This week’s goals? To finish all the must do’s by Friday so that I can do it all over again, plus a little bit of writing on the side.



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2 responses to “The Perfect Weekend

  1. Sounds perfect! So glad you were able to have such a relaxing weekend.

  2. I can’t believe it is warm enough in Pittsburgh to hang outside all night. Sounds wonderful. And I would love to see a pic of your new desk. I love desks. Must the writer or the student in me.

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