2010- The New Year’s Resolutions

I’m finally back at home after two weeks of vacation, a trip to Atlanta to see the folks for Christmas, and a week-long leadership training at work in wild, wonderful, middle-of-nowhere West Virginia. The house is getting pulled back together (literally… a piece of my bathroom wall plaster crumbled in, so I spackled it back into place). BC had a hot date in New York for New Year’s Eve (that turned out to be not so hot), so I rang in the year at my neighborhood dive with cheap champagne in a plastic cup. And now, I’m sitting down for the annual New Year’s resolutions.

I’m starting to move past the mourning stage after my cancelled wedding and into a real focus on what I want from life- learning to make decisions and choices instead of saying “I don’t know. What do you want to do?,” scheduling writing workshops and book clubs into my free time to meet new people and work on being a better writer, insisting on dragging myself to the grocery store and eating in instead of living on takeout and bourbon. And I’m keeping up with what I read- I added a 2010 Reading List page in case you’re curious about what I’m zipping through book-wise.

This year is just for me.

  1. Read two books per week (at least).
  2. Buy a car.
  3. Really focus on improving my credit so I can buy a house.
  4. Introduce BC to the folks back home (planned for February).
  5. Get my lazy self to the laundromat once a week, whether I like it or not.
  6. Finish my book proposal and start submitting it to agents.
  7. Save 25% of my pay for a home down-payment and/or car-buying (by eliminating all that takeout).
  8. Take a big vacation to celebrate my 10 year “anniversary” with BC, the best gay best friend ever.
  9. Buy ornaments when I travel for work to commemorate my trips.
  10. Buy more bookshelves and dressers.
  11. Make my apartment into a sanctuary just for me and keep it clean so I can enjoy coming home to it.
  12. Set up a desk/ writing area in the spare bedroom.
  13. Spend some time reflecting on my values and goals so that I can make decisions that fit them.
  14. Do one thing every day that’s good for my health- take a vitamin, lift some weights, yoga, eat more veggies.

I’m still at work on the 101 in 1001 goals page and need to update a few of them that aren’t really goals any more.

And BC and I are still planning for some big changes in the year or two to come. In the meantime, I’m enjoying this time just for me. Now to figure out who me is.



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2 responses to “2010- The New Year’s Resolutions

  1. that sounds just perfect!

  2. These goals are all so great! And I’m very excited about your and BC’s big plans!

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