Oh, and Did I Mention I Have A New Tattoo?

We’ve been talking about it for years and we finally broke down after six days in New Orleans and did it. We both love the city like a home and this was our third trip down together. BC and I have…. wait for it…. matching tattoos.

Yes. I am practically 33 years old (one week to go) and I and my gay best friend of the last ten years got matching tattoos.

Wanna see?

And no, for those of you with dirty minds, it is not in an intimate location- just on my left side below the armpit, an inch or so below the bottom of the bra-line.  Which come to think of it is fairly intimate… I mean I don’t run around with my ribs exposed much. And it’s tiny. About an inch or so high. But I love it. And when it stops looking all new and scabby, maybe I’ll have more reason to show off my ribs- if I can even find a flattering option to do that… ok, not likely.

And maybe there are no such thing as friend vows, but this is mighty permanent. This Christmas, this is enough.



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5 responses to “Oh, and Did I Mention I Have A New Tattoo?

  1. I love it!
    I’m always trying to figure out new places to get tattoos, but being 33 really limits your options.

    I still look okay in a bikini, but is it still okay to wear one? Half shirts are out.
    Short shorts are dead to me.

    But that’s where I’m thinking of getting one too.
    Did it hurt?

    • It definitely was an uncomfortable sensation- I suppose being on my side with one arm up over my head and trying not to expose myself through the tattoo shop window didn’t help! But I give the guy credit, it was fast and over before I knew it. I have one on my lower back (tramp stamp all the way) that hurt worse than the rib cage, but I suppose it’s all about how squishy you are where you get it. Squishier areas are much more comfortable than bony ones.

      As for wearing a bikini at 33, if I had the body, you can bet I’d be wearing one. Possibly at work.

  2. Cool! I think this is super sweet.

  3. I love it! I’ve been wanting to get another one for years (my two are from my early 20s) and you’ve just revived the urge. But, oh, god, I’m almost 40 and it feels like it would be some sort of scary cougaresque last-fling-at-youth kind of thing to do.

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